Rant rant rant

Yeah, got that myself a few times, bloody watch :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I usually get ‘unproductive’ :roll_eyes:


The garmin training status thing is the biggest pack of bollocks Ive seen. I oay no attention to it anymore. Especially when it says “unproductive”


Unfortunately not.

The gym decided they weren’t going to take sides, so yesterday the police were called and

Edited (as the investigation is in progress.)

For some reason has it in for my son.

So, not a great weekend.


What was this?!…

Locked a million kids up like this over the years, most of them can’t fight for shit and get a hard time inside

Behaviour like this he won’t be outside for long.
Hope your lad is ok.


Your son should NOT EVER go back to that gym. That is fact.
Your son should consider attending at a police station and reporting this. A spit and a punch to the head causing concussion is ABH at the very least and with a previous manslaughter conviction this bloke will most likely be back inside as a result.


Reported at a police station yesterday, on the phone with the police now. Incident apparently on CCTV at the gym, so unless they delete it the police have plenty to go on.

Until progress is made we just have to be on our toes, protect the family. Given my son’s autism, this isn’t hard - he never leaves the house except to go to the gym.


Christ - so sorry to hear that

There are some real shit bags out there


@joex - Sorry to hear that, hope your son (and you) are OK.

Have to asked the gym to keep the CCTV?
(Just in case there is some storage limit.)

Have you got weights at home to take your son’s mind off it in the short term?

Take care, Paul.


I usually WFH on Monday and Friday and go in to the office on Tuesday to Thursday.

This week I’m in Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Last night my brain was telling me it was Tuesday night and this morning it felt like it should have been Wednesday.

It’s going to be a long week :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Civil service pension


Shared services

Me …

Repeat several times

( trying to claim my pension)

I’m literally stuck in the middle and there blaming each other over an “ interface”
What on earth is one of those ?

What utter Tw@t thinks this shit up.

If it’s late ( it will be , I get the back pay … hopefully it’s April next year as I’ll pay 40% on anything before that ! )

Life is complicated sometimes


So a TWAT :wink::rofl:


That’s the second time I’ve heard that this week, after all these years :joy:


This week is flippin manic at work. So much going on. I’m off on Fri so I’m having to compress it all as well. Absolutely blimmin knackered after today at HQ.

Being all nice and using my brain, in person, is exhausting! :joy:

Think I’m over compensating at home as well as I’m leaving rhe Mrs with the kids for 4 days. So I’m being doubly helpful and productive at home! Tidying up my shoes after I take them off. All sorts! :joy:

Still. 2 more busy days and it’s 18-20 degrees and full :sunny: :sunglasses:

(though I’ve got to find 7 mins spare to pack at some point as well. Need to find my harness from the shed and F knows where that is!)


Preamble: 30mins arguing about a seat belt with a six year old.

Arrive at gym class, kick her in.

Woman comes over.

There’s an email, because of the insurance we can’t let kids into the class if they’re more than ten minutes late.

I see.

If they miss the warmup, the insurance won’t cover us so we sent any email.

Is that so.

Yes, so if you could avoid being more than ten minutes late.

I understand.

Because the insurance is invalid if they don’t warmup.


We did send an email.

I see.

So try not to be late

I understand.

Sit down, looks at watch, 18:11. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was all I could do, to not rip her head off.


Insurance is a cop out, i bet there is no such clause BUT it is rather frustrating as a coach and distracts the session …Then again shit happens so I only ever call out kids/parents who are late time and again.



I was going to ask her which claims from a 6yo that she expected to receive, and why they would be invalidated without a warmup. Warm ups for 6yos. Got to increase their flexibility ha ha ha. Tabitha’s claim that dangerous malpractice by coaching staff of tossing kids out the window resulting in her broken neck is rejected because she clearly didn’t warm up properly :sweat_smile:.


At that age surely much of the session is essentially a “warm up” anyway. Its not like they will be flinging themselves across isometric bars or vaulting a triple back double loop thingy.


Joining @Jorgan with the Vet ranting. Dog has itchy ears, take her in. Ear infection. 100 quid. The drops were 60 fucking quid. Worse thing is the dog hates anyone going near her ears at the best of times and even worse now so getting this stuff in will be fun.