Removing Tubular Glue and Tape

Fellow Luddites and #ProfAmateur warriors;

What do you use to remove glue and tape residue from your carbon tubular rims?

The proper stuff, or is there a household item which works well without damaging carbon rims.


i’ve had quite a bit of success with WD40.


Mine have got an aluminium brake track but I used an old plastic tyre lever that had snapped off. I ground the end to the exact shape of the rim and used that as a scraper.


I used white spirit. probably not ideal but as long as you wash it off well after. didnt cause damage but they were PoS Planet Flex 50’s so i didnt care too much

Tbh I’ve not had much of an issue with the tape I’ve used; it normally just comes off with the tyre. Any residue I just wipe away with white spirit like Hammerer; then wash that off using soapy water.

What does that mean???

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PoS - Piece of Shit
50’s - 50mm wheels
Planet Flex surely you heard that one? What everyone at velodrome calls them as their bikes flex as do their wheels under load.

I thought POS was well known!

I like Planet X generally but their wheels seem to be a real blind spot, rarely hear a good word about them.

the track frames are awful. you get in a bunch with one of those and they are all over the place as they bend under stress and the torque put through them is a lot higher than a time trial bike for instance.

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PoS = Point of Sale.

Not heard any of those sayings.

Methylated Spirits seem to be better than White spirit.

No, he means to clean rims, not drink.

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Surely that’s only when talking about EPOS?

Anyone in the know, knows POS is an adjective to describe sub-optimal items :smile:

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PDQ’s? (pretty damn quick’s)

Don’t you just buy new wheels? :sunglasses:


there was life (and retail) before tintin net…