Roof Boxes

I’ve had some good buying advice this year from the TT massive … long may it continue!

Talk to me about roof boxes.

We’re getting to the point where the kids have too much stuff, and as i have mentioned in other threads, the boot on the X1 isn’t as big as you would think. Especially as we still need a pushchair for the little one, which takes up a lot of room. though i’d probably only bring the crappy stroller now if we were going away to save on space. The main pushchair is blimmin huge.

Don’t know whether to get something smallish and affordable now, or do i push the boat out a bit and invest in the future as we’re clearly going to need a bigger one in a few years time.

What is the real life difference between say a 400l and 500l? There’s a £200 difference, which seems a lot for 100l, but is it one of things that due to the shape, the reality is you can actually cram a tonne more stuff in?

Any good websites or brands to consider? I know of Thule, and this website has now opened me up to Hapro. Apparently 2 of the big 3, with the other being KAMEI.

Are cheaper, say Halfords ones, going to be a total pile of flimsy, noisy, heavy crud as expected?! My gut tells me to go with the continental Europeans on this, as they love making this sort of thing!

Any other thoughts / horror stories / things to consider?


The beauty of the Thule boxes is they tend to be lighter and easier to fit/remove. Given the most stressful part of my holidays over the past few years has been trying to get everything in/on/attached to the car, i found the extra £££ spent on Thule to be money well spent.
I do have 4 kids though so I now have a massive V class for extra space although i’ll still be taking both the roofbox and trailer when we go to France (camping) next month


That’s what i was fearing! We’ve destroyed the family wallet this spring/summer already! But we’re probs going up to Wales to visit the olds in August, and we’re gonna be real short on space. Esp. if we want to bring one (or both) of the boards.

Hmmm …

though saying that, the Hapro is 1.5kgs lighter than the equivalent Thule.

If you want to drop by SE Essex you’re welcome to borrow mine :joy:

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I think I have an unused Thule ranger 280L softbox going begging…just need to see if it survived the move…

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We’re in the same boat as we only drive a Golf.

In previous years I’ve managed to borrow roof bars and a box from friends but bit the bullet this year.

Wife went and in and just bought it all on a whim and went with the Halfords stuff - the bars and fitting kits are bratty basic but after a bit of faffing are secure. I was kinda dreading it really as the kit we’ve borrowed in the past has been OEM and Thule.

The Halfords box is actually unbranded Thule. (There’s a little logo on the inside)

Not driven with it all on but it’s pretty secure and wasn’t too painful getting it all on

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@Adam Didn’t you say you were on the way to Cornwall this/next week on another thread?

Let me know if your stuff arrives with you, or if i need to pick it up from the A303 as you pass! :rofl:

Seriously though, would be interested to hear what you make of it.

I’m looking for any type of accommodation in Pembs for the week we have off and i think the entire county is booked out! I may have to stay with my parents at this rate shudder

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Haha! Yes driving on Thursday - will report back.
Just got to pack and load it all up :sob::sob:

The box seems alright - it’s bloody massive and spans the width of the roof.

Good stuff, sure it’ll be great.

Whereabouts you heading?

North coast just outside of Camelford.

Camelford itself is nothing to write home about but a good base to get yourself to nice areas

We went into Halfords and got their own brand, rather than the Thule that looked very similar but was a bit more spendy. Does the job as a roof rack for our camping trips.


What size is that @AndyG ?

That looks like the one I have

I wouldnt want to lend or borrow one, and dont let anyone talk to you or otherwise distract you unless youre on the open road.

I also ask my wife to remind me everytime we head towards a car park.


Don’t have a roofbox but we always put a sign on the dashboard when the bikes were on top as well as both of us trying to remember.


It’s 155cm long by 80cm wide. Approx.
It’s sitting in my garage gathering dust presently. If you want to collect from Buckinghamshire you’re welcome to borrow it!

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Thanks. Very kind of you, but based in East Devon, so a bit of a trip.

Yeah, Ive seen it happen to a few folk and had a couple of near misses myself.

A friend was offended when I said he could borrow it but would have to buy me a new one if he bust it, so he borrowed from another friend and within four hours…had smashed it to pieces. I shouldnt have laughed, but I did.


You bend it, you mend it - standard surely?


I always find it bizarre that the gate into the cycle track at Hllingdon has a height restriction bar. That must take out a few bikes every year :open_mouth:

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