Roth 2021

Just wondering if anyone here is doing Roth 2019? Race numbers went up yesterday, and the race is 3 weeks tomorrow.

It will be my third IM distance race, with Wales later this year making number 4.

Goals for me:

  • Have fun
  • Sleep well (despite camping) … ear plugs and face mask and the ready!
  • Swim under 80 minutes, but if that fails, at least don’t have a nightmare like my last race where I basically allowed my mind to drift on the swim and gave up tons of time
  • If the stars align, and they won’t, but if they do, go sub 11

Anyone else heading to Roth?

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What did you think to the Solarerberg?

Thank you! I enjoyed Solarerberg, but the crowds had really thinned out here by lap 2 and I was in the middle to front third of the race, so it must have been quite quiet for the slower riders on lap 2. If I am being perfectly honest, I think Tenby does a better job of support. I was in the crowd at Saundersfoot climb last year, and that was maybe like a 60% crazy version, but the rest of the Wales course has more pockets of fans overall, and … I bloody love Wales!

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There’s lovely, innit?

(I love Wales, too :heart_eyes:)

The Solarerberg is a funny place I did Roth in 2013 and most of the crowd is made up of friends and family spectators so after your loved one goes through then it’s a mad dash to get onto the run course for support. The Saundersfoot support to me are there all day as a lot of the crowd are local.

Didn’t really know where to put this but i’ve seen that they have released the Pro fields for Roth this year.

Looks pretty tasty!!


Agreed. Both Kona podiums is a good selling point!
And only Hoffman missing from the top 6 of the men’s field.

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Zero chance I will be glued to this like Kona!

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How can you watch Roth, do Challenge stream like IM?

I recon the course will suit Joe and Cam pretty well too… both must have a shot at the IM distance Record

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They might live stream the finish chute iirc.

Nothing like Ironman live on Facebook

Pretty sure it was all live streamed last yeat on youtube or something similar.

No i won’t be watching it live, like Kona - partly because it’s on in the day and not the evening - but i will track it from my phone as i go about my day i would imagine. See how they’re all getting on.

Roth Postponed to September 5th

Can’t imagine IM Frankfurt will be far behind

This is all rather like watching those slo-mo car crash tests.


Reason that they gave was that IF restrictions are lifted, no body would have any swimming fitness, therefore in the interest of saftety, had to move it


At least they made a call at a relatively early date

All these changes are okay if you can drive there in a few hours; but a complete PITA for anyone who can’t.

And rearrange accommodation as it is pretty limited and now at the tail end of summer

Yup my post in the cancellations thread mysteriously answered.:thinking: