Roth 2021

Have you seen the Messick video?
He’s putting races on.
“We’re in the business of putting on races, which we will continue to do…”

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In the year dot dot dot!

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Same day as IMUK …!

Looks like we might be doing our own again ?

No, this year!
They just postpone them until later in the year.

(See Oceanside 70.3)

“ We make those decisions only when we feel like we’ve exhausted every opportunity to safely make those races happen… We wait until we have no alternative …until we’re certain those races can’t happen.”

Dan fucking Empfield pretending like he knew.
What at utter cockwomble

Did he actually say that bit? I only half listened tbh.

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See my post above (edited with added Empfield)

Well at least he’s being honest…‘we’ll keep you guessing until it’s too late’

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We’ll keep your money, keep you guessing, but hand out massive promotions to all of our exec team.

For some reason I thought Oceanside was actually called by a governor or something, access to parts of the course?

There are races going on over there atm, at least a few marathons, not the huge ones though. I suspect it’s more down to the leanings of that state :joy:

IM Bolton in November 2021, anyone? :rofl:


Bloody hell.
One for the lunatics that!!!

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I received the notice about Roth Postponment… went straight onto FA available for about 20kms


We hope