Roth cancelled

Just got e mail CANCELLED for 2020! I need to re read the email but first look says they keep 90 Euro as admin fee and refund the rest then you get a priority link to enter for 2021. Make a 100 Euro donation to Challenge and you get a further 2 priority entries to use over the next 10 years. Need to read again and digest that one!


Frankfurt can’t be far behind surely?

Wonder if they will accept donations from people not racing. I would pay €100+ to get 2 pre registration slots and more importantly to help keep Challenge alive (given I am unlikely to race a full distance again).


Yeah, the two slots for €100 is surely going to be very popular.


Given that we queued for almost 3 hours last July to get a slot for a friend, I think 100 € to get 2 pre registration slots will be very attractive


now why can the brand with a big M in it be a bit more athlete friendly

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Probably due to the ownership.

So Challenge Roth are getting through the refunding process and for those that were in for this year and wanted to enter next year the online registration is open. That’s pretty good.

From the FB page it seems some of the hotels are being less than helpful with refunding or booking for next year.