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Any of you lot into the old egg chasing?

Seems like it’s been forever waiting for this to start, and then suddenly it’s here. Morning games, so think the old second monitor at work may be getting a dedicated workout for the next few weeks!!

Not really rating our (Wales) chances too highly. I think we peaked with our autumn campaign and the 6 nations. We’ve lost a few key members of the squad and, despite having a little more strength in depth than we have had in previous years, i think we’re still light on that front. If we lose a couple of the big guys, then it could be tough. Quarters and maybe semis at best i think.

Worryingly (for me :rofl: ) i think England are going to do very well. The final at least i reckon - though admittedly i’ve not looked at the draws beyond the group stages yet.

I don’t mind a bit, but I find the World Cup a bit meh!

The group stages tend to be a bit of a formality (obvious exception England getting knocked out when in the same group as Australia & Wales) with weaker teams getting a bit of a hiding. Then once the the groups stages finish the knock out games are so far apart (for totally understandable reasons) that it doesn’t feel like there’s any momentum building up to the final.
Having said all that I’ll still watch it but am in two minds about England, we have a poor performance in us at any time and it’s just a question of if or when that comes.

I’ll be following! Glad time difference means they’re all watchable. Think its very open at the moment with handful of teams that will really fancy themselves.

I’ll predict England to make semis (narrow win over Wales in QF) and lose to either NZ or SA depending on how groups play out. Those two to meet in the final.

I will follow but only because one of the school dads is out there on a TV panel for 3 weeks (lucky b’stard!) as an ex-pro/international. Assuming he’s not on Sky, otherwise I won’t be watching!

I would’ve thought you’d be proper into your rugby, coming from the SW. Proper rugby country.

I’m not the build for it! Had to play for the first 3 years of secondary school, then we could pick our PE options, so I went for Basketball, circuit training, track & field etc

A few comps ago, i would have said Australia first and daylight second but the Aussies are a pale imitation of the force they used to be.

I still think Aus to beat Wales but wouldn’t be that surprised if goes the other way.

Love the rugby. Got to be a Southern Hemisphere team to win but I’m going to pick South Africa, with the Aussies as second favourites. Easy to pick the All Blacks but I don’t think they’re at the same level as previously (famous last words).
As for England, not for me, too inconsistent and too many penalty errors. Shame, as we do have ability.

Edit…forgot France :thinking:

Scary thing is NZ don’t have to be at their previous brilliance to still be a contender. Appeal of tournament is anything can happen once you get out the groups. Agree with England assessment, but as you say we have talent and wouldn’t be complete shock if we hut form for 3 key matches.
NZ SA AUS ENG, and even Wales Ireland will realistically believe they can go all the way.

Very true.
Looking forward to it!

see how Bath get on Vs Exeter this weekend first…

Managed to pick out South Africa in the work sweepstakes, makes a nice change to get a team with a shout of the trophy!

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I have Fiji, so knockout stages probably the zenith.

This isn’t a great start :open_mouth:

Get. The. Flip. In.

Man that was a cracker of a game!

Thought the Aussies could nick it back at one stage. Top game!

Great win for Wales, sadly…holding that comeback off will make them feel bombproof. Gut feel that England would have panicked at that point.

Semi vs SA at least for Wales. We need to beat Argentina and France in order to get the Aussies in the qtr, I wouldn’t fancy us against this Welsh side, think Gatland has the wood on us.

Great game though.

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Must have been good, I managed 2 hours on the turbo watching it.

Struggling with the refereeing…some dubious decisions so far. Thing is, the top six or seven sides are so evenly matched, feels like the ref decides who wins which is a shame.
Thankfully Japan lit the tournament up with a fantastic brand of rugby.