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SA win Qtr, Semi and final by 1 point, and now 4-0 in WC finals.


And as they’ve just pointed out, played Ireland and Scotland on the way too.

SA have mastered sports psychology. When they say there’s a whole country behind them, there very literally is.


Congrats SA they had to play all top 5 on way to picking up the top prize. Immense ability to keep calm and see out tight games.


Cor BB may as well just lob the medals from a distance onto the south Africans! :joy: He clearly just wants to get out of the rain!

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Eddie Jones has left Australian rugby. Not really a surprise though is it.

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no surprise at all. Probably pop up in charge of Japan as has been rumoured for some time.

Australia rugby are in a bad place at the mo irrespective of who is in charge of the national team.

ETA: wonder if he’ll turn up in Wales next weekend when he’s supposed to be supporting Razor Robertson (next NZ coach) managing the Baa-Baa side? Suspect he might not bother.


so Wayne Barnes has decided to bow out on his reffing career. Can’t blame him really seeing the shift he’s put in over the last few years - turned out to be one of the best refs out there. But the shit he’s had to endure after the WC final is unwarranted - seems he’s had death threats from unhappy fans. I suspect some of the pressure has also come from his wife Polly who Tweeted that she was glad the WC was over 'cos of all the shit that WB had to endure during it.


Tough gig and a diminished role for a ref nowadays, the game has got too forensic with the TMO involved in every little detail.

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Agree. It needs reviewing

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Sad state of humanity that he’s getting threats, if it was for the red card that was actually the video ref upholding or accepting it.

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The TMO only gets involved when the referee blows the whistle and requests it, right? (Unless a player is cited for an incident that the ref didn’t spot)

I think it’s good that the technology is there to help the ref make the right decision. Better to have someone sent off or a try allowed/disallowed after help from the TMO rather than the ref making the wrong call after seeing it in real time :man_shrugging:

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Re Wayne Barnes, wasn’t there some controversy around some of his decisions in one of his games in the 2007 RWC in one of his first big games?

I think it might have been the France v NZ QF and the Kiwi fans felt hard done by when their side lost.

No I don’t think that is correct. There has been a lot of talk about a disallowed try from the final where there was a knock on 6 phases prior that the TMO raised with the ref. They are only supposed to intervene for issues going back 2 phases apparently…

But basically the laws of the game are ridiculously complex and I doubt anybody understands what most penalties at ruck/scrums are for.

It is not very often that the referee/TMO decides a game but when they do, they should be held accountable by their bosses (no excuses for threats etc) but that is widespread un fortunately - see the Tom Curry/wit kant debacle

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as an ex-front row forward, I do but I don’t necessarily agree with the way the ref views them!



As usual you never beat the AB it’s always someone’s fault

In 2007 qf one of the French tries could have been disallowed for a forward pass. But it’s a game of inches and sometimes the ball/call bounces your way or the other.

Lucky enough to see WB at Gar du Nord on way back from Paris after last weekend and say a brief thank you. Nice guy and great ref.

Really like how Pearce runs a game in similar style to WB and think will be the next leading referee :crossed_fingers:


To be fair that 2007 game was a shocker (inexperience and no TMO then) compared to performances by all officials in the quarters/semis this time that have had the French/Irish/Argentineans/etc threatening referees… crazy behaviour over a game though


so Owen Farrell is taking a break from international rugby.

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Great opportunity for a reboot.

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much as I don’t like Farrell’s anatagonistic style of playing and talking to refs, he’s a good player. But the pile-on he’s had on social media before, during and after the WC is too much. As Waynes Barnes said when he retired, the toll on families has been too much and to get death threats is just ridiculous - it’s a sport, not a bloody war.

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Fair play to Farrell and the rest of the England set-up - their offering might have been limited, but they got within a couple of minutes of making a 5th WC final when the more fancied northern hemisphere sides went out in the QFs or earlier :man_shrugging: