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Sleep well John Peter Rhys Williams.



I remember watching him as a kid and with zero understanding of the game, thought he was brilliant.


He transformed the role of a full back with a very attacking approach and fearless in defence and attack. Up until then most full backs needed to be shot for cowardice… :wink:

He once got raked in a game against a NZ team leaving him with a huge cut to his cheek which needed 30 stitches inside and out (done by a dentist and his GP father on the pitch side) - and he returned to the fray.

He was a Junior Wimbledon Champion and could have had a career in tennis but chose rugby. He was also a Consultant orthopaedic surgeon and played until he was 54 for his local club as a flanker.

A true one-off legend. And he never lost playing for Wales against England in 12 tests.


Yes, never lost vs England. I hated him for it, but Jeeze I wish we had one like him in our side.

He stood out even then, even though that shoulder charge tackle on the Frenchie should have been penalty try/straight red :wink:

Laws were different then so no issues at the time - today he’d be red carded like a shot!

Very unexcited by the Lions this time.

Main pull was the idea that the home nations would come together and take on a mighty challenge that none were good enough for on their own: to beat one of the Southern Hemisphere giants in a series in their own backyard.

I’d fancy each of the individual home nations to roll the Wobblies in a series right now. It could be a blow out. I’d be bang up for it if we were touring NZ or SA.

Maybe time for the Lions to tour whichever of them has the best record over last 4 years, or maybe take on a Southern hemisphere scratch side from the rugby Championship with us able to have French/Italians and make it a real battle of the hemispheres.


Northern & Southern BaaBaas - now you’re talking!


There seems to be a general feeling that Lions tours have come to the end of their viability in modern times with N/S test matches happening more or less all year round. This upcoming one may be the last under it’s current format.

BaaBaa games have been of lesser draw in the last 15 years or so due to the game going professional and players playing significantly more matches than the heyday of BaaBaa popularity so the draw to play for them is less and clubs reluctant to release players. Lions tours going the same way I reckon.




In preparation for the start of the 6 Nations this weekend - I’d best get my excuses in first!!


@fatbuddha dont worry

As a Scotsman I have no faith in our ability to generate a result in Cardiff!

I’ve been burned too many times8 for you to change my mind :joy:


Ou est la Francais???

Had France for a narrow win… didn’t turn up!

Well played Ireland.

Interested to see what England offer later with so many changes. Hope FinnSmith gets on and continues to impress.

As for Scotland v Wales :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: @fatbuddha :wink:


Are Ireland going to repeat the pattern of being the best team in the world between world cups and then going out in the QFs at the WC?


Sure didn’t! turn up. I think losing Willemse knocked them as well.


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Terrible start from Eng. 3 pens and first 5 and missing tackles

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Wales are shit so far

I think they heard you :smile:…they’re trying to get back in the fight.

Well they’re definitely back in the fight :grimacing:.

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Didn’t see this coming at half time

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fuck me - why didn’t we play like that all match? great 2nd half from Wales but well done Scotland on the W