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Gatland normally has Wales tenacious and organised in defence, so you might keep them to around 50……


Ireland are looking a cut above the rest

Their cohesion and seemless slotting in of new talent shows the benefits of a joined up system with a strong Ireland team as the end goal.

Seem to have taken several lessons from NZ on this.

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I agree that the blitz defence system is still a real work in progress with Italy and Wales exposing it. In the RWC Scotland did struggle against the SA team doing this experienced players in this system. They did manage to get round it for what would have been a great score had Darcy remembered to use the extra man rather than go alone.

England, famous last words, don’t seem to have the personnel for it.

In the last couple of games, despite all the talk about their new attacking intent, they do seem to have reverted to type when the chips are down. Great credit to them for fighting back though. England bench bring more to the party and feels we drop off a bit in this aspect late on.

I’m thinking a one score game.

Weather conditions looking cold but dry.

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Couple of enjoyable games even though both games were won fairly comfortably by the pre game favourites.

England scored a couple of backline tries! Still too much kicking, handling errors/unsympathetic and sometimes dreadful passing but tiny glimmers…

Hope this losing streak against Scotland doesn’t last as long as that one against Wales that started in the 60s……


Tries from England at the front and back end but poor in between I thought?

Several times the England backs on a £25k appearance fee couldn’t pass the ball simply down the line. When Ford started punting the ball up for the RWC buzzword of the ‘spiral bombs’ just looked like England had no attacking ideas till IFW took at great line for a short ball from Spencer to expose the numbers and pace mismatch.

Little bit at sea defensively for the Scottish tries but I’ll take what I can get.

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Thought the score belied how uncomfortable Wales made it for Ireland for periods.

It’s not a win but thought the :whale: did much better than expected.

we played well at times but we didn’t have the cohesion of the well drilled and well experienced Irish team - can’t see anyone stopping them get a GS.

as for England - looked like England of the past few seasons - got the players but can’t put it together as a team


that was tough on Italy at the end - so close to the win. But France should have had that wrapped up by half time but the Italy defence kept them at bay.


Don’t care if we lose to anyone else. Must win this weekend.


England’s run of fixtures to next 6N:
Ireland (h)
France (a)
Japan (a)
New Zealand (a)
New Zealand (a)
New Zealand (h)
Australia (h)
South Africa (h)

2 wins max. Will that return get Borthwick the boot? Should it?


If not Borthwick then who? Not a reason to stick but don’t see who they currently turn to.

I think he was taken too soon and needed to get further experience but the RFU ballsed up giving EJ another 4 yrs after 2019.

When they decided they were getting rid of EJ I would have love to have seen Scott Robertson get the gig but they wanted an Englishman (fair enough) and he was probably more keen on the NZ job which looked like he was promised.

Next step will be a new attack coach (Mike Catt?). Personally I’d like to see an erudite kiwi like Smith or equivalent.

I think Borthwick gets this RWC cycle. Why? Chopping and changing doesn’t help and the RFU have spent a lot of money getting EJ out and SB in so here to stay.

Interesting that none of the successful long-standing prem rugby directors Baxter, McCall were interested and disappointing that bridges weren’t build to make that change.

After 2027 RWC will they throw everything at trying to get Farrell Snr in the hot seat?

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cracking win for Italy there


Well that’s 2 surprise results in one day


just need another one tomorrow



Had to take Mrs J to visit her mother this afternoon so recorded the Moto GP race and wasn’t too fussed about the rugby as Scotland looked like a comfortable win over Italy and had no desire to see England battered by Ireland :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


The French defence is absolutely shocking, the Welsh are running through almost at will with nothing more sophisticated than an inside pass.

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great shame the French power showed in the 2nd half - it was not to be boys….:cry::wales:

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this guy is going to be missed - not just in Wales but everywhere. 1st cap at 18, youngest to 100 caps, 4 World Cups, 120 caps in total and still only 31. Dog knows how many he’d have if he hadn’t had time out with injury!

Diolch George


I’m a little surprised at the timing, given there’s a real risk of him bowing out with a wooden spoon.

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possibly why maybe?? leaving a sinking ship