Run focussed Iron distance training

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No its a valid point, personally I haven’t got below 77-78kg at 172cm, and if it didn’t happen this year I doubt it ever will. On the plus side my FTP exceeded expectations and 4w/kg isn’t far off.

Lifting hasn’t changed my overall mass but as per the weight thread my muscle mass has increased as fat declined which was nice, my clothes got looser as my weight stayed the same-ish.

As a newbie to barbells and 5x5 lifting I found that during build blocks cutting down to once or twice didn’t really matter, but getting the weight right does. I;m only. Squatting 55kg at the moment once per week for example as I head into taper that will stop.Then my Q4 will be 3/wk standard 5x5 progression up to squatting around 100kg, then transition back to Tri training in Q1 and light lifting.


No criticism implied at all but what made you choose 5x5?

You know I can’t remember now. :laughing:. It was a variety of things that got me thinking about strength I think, did some reading, felt that general strength was a good starting place and complimentary rather than specific. Also muscle density not hypertrophy. 5x5 was simple and starts with nothing.

There are probably better programs but I think it’s good enough.

I was doing a long run from 13 miles + MAF running, which chilled me out loads and add 2 other runs per week brought me on mahoosively.

Off the top of my head a 3:34 marathon at Bolton.


Yeah, I’m up for that. Ive been quite surprised with my gains this year and some of the hard running I’m capable of if I just stop worrying that I’m going to fail.

Would start after recovering from the virtual
IM so probably Nov 1st.

Ha ha, now that is a get fit quick plan :+1: Well done!

As you say Im probably capable of breaking 24mins, I think on the flat not a problem. I think 22 something is a reasonable first target, ultimately a 21:40 or so thing would support my greater target of a 1h40 half mara.

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Border fox put up a great basic training week on the Sub 10 thread (I think)
Another thought is nit what you should do but maybe what you shouldn’t do?
Don’t run too fast too often
Don’t consume a bottle of red wine too often
Don’t expect a different result if you do the same thing…


Yeah, a 5km 8 week plan would tie perfectly into a little run focus, before you start the Lanza build.

But…you know once you’re running 22 minutes, you can run a 21, then a 20 :wink::see_no_evil:


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Found it - nice. No double days and running off every bike.

Could that work for someone at my end of the performance spectrum though and improve my run?

Why would that be horrific?

i assume you were doing the reps, no?

Because running at 3:20/km to 3:36/km hurts.
It’s quite literally horrifying for me.
I plan them, see them, avoid them.
They’re not enjoyable. At all.
What is enjoyable is executing the race time, so I’ve just got to think of the goal, not the process :sob:

Intervals/reps are the same thing to me.

Would you mind putting the link up please?

Joex I think consistent training over time works. Decide on what you think will work for you buddy.


Think this may be it, post #39

Border fox profile says ex elite cyclist so I’m guessing he came to Tri with a big engine already

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2:36 marathon pb too!

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Not even big hills in my experience. I did my first solo mara, Manchester, off an average weekly mileage of about 50-60km from memory, for about 12 weeks. Way, way down on traditional marathon plans. The biggest difference was very few flat runs. They weren’t crazy hilly, more rolling, but my elevation gain was probably triple that of friends in other parts of the country that were doing similar builds.

I ran a short course 2.52 off that. Yes more mileage probably would’ve saved a minute or two of late fade, but I was just aiming for a sub 3 for my first mara.

I am convinced that the hills strengthened my legs ‘for free’. If I were to do another mara build I’d be throwing on rolling terrain for a big proportion of it, with at least one proper hilly run to build leg strength. Then maybe one flat, MP session a week.

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Also, be wary of Age Groupers in Slowtwitch articles who do (sub) 9h Ironmans off 8-10h a week. They either have a huge pedigree previously, or maybe they’re just juicing…or both.

I actually stopped following Slowtwitch on FB yesterday. I actually CGAF about what Empfield and his cronies have to say.

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You run 5k at a pace that you are unhappy about running 400m…?


As I’ve often said, I find 1km at my 5km pace near impossible without tailwind/downhill or something, 400m would certainly be extremely difficult and I would not enjoy it. So I can believe Poet here.