Running 430 miles/15,000m climb in a week

Ran with this guy on Thursday, running the Southern Upland Way out and back for charity, a real legend. 430 miles 15,000m elevation in a week.

Hoping to run with him on the way back as well, just have to make sure that he’s not too quick that I miss him in my parish :grin:


Give him a kiss from me…

i’ve known Woody for 30 years…

It was his idea that we did a charity run for Roy Castle which turned into the Rwanda Dash for Cash…

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Update from Woody Felton: Woody is really digging deep and with only 16 miles to go the finish line is in touching distance. He’s covered 414 miles and is still managing to do a little jogs on the flat. Last night was very challenging with bad weather, bad luck and a big big to contend with. Woody was so tired he was hallucinating so had a nap on the ground for 10 minutes. He has been superbly looked after all week but last night and today has been his brother Frazer Felton and the fabulous Ian Harrison. Thanks so much for looking after him.


Great stuff although the geek in me would point out that Everest is 8848m, so double Everest is 17696m :slight_smile:

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you tell him… :slight_smile:

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What a fabulous achievement, finished in I think 7 days and 5 hours.

I’m not on Fb, but saw a video of the last few miles along that narrow coastal path, challenging!

The pint of beer didn’t happen (Woody you let me down) but chapeau I say. Sir, I doff my cap to you :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping that he manages to raise that 4k for the autism charity.

If he averaged approx 4 hours sleep per day, that would be what, maybe 20 hours x 7 days x 600 calories x 1/2 for run/walk = 35,000 calories or thereabouts. This for someone who was already about 5% body fat :thinking: Now those calories are maybe a few pints :rofl: