Running Club raising money for charity (VLM)

Our running club has partnered with a charity, CCIN (Chernobyl Children in Need), through which we as a club get a number of charity places for the London Marathon. I’ve ended up with one of the places this year (as well as having entered for Brighton, which is 3 weeks before :roll_eyes:).

Those who have places then generally try and fund raise as a team. We’ve got a meeting on Wednesday to discuss some ideas, and I was looking for some inspiration.

Events that are already organized:
** Meal at an Italian restaurant.
** Inter club (handicap?) relay - A couple of local clubs are invited. I believe it’s teams of 3 and each team predicts their total time to complete a mile each. Team that comes closet to their predicted time wins. No watches, etc. allowed. I have to admit I’m not 100% how the money gets raised, I’ve not been to previous events.

Some (not very inspiring) ideas that I have:
** Closest to predicted time for the marathon. Similar to the relay above, each person running predicts their time and the ‘winner’ is the one who comes closest. Money raised by getting club members to bet on it. Thought this one would be quite good to keep everyone engaged with tracking us on the day (though I think a lot are anyway). Maybe it would put a bit too much additional pressure on the runners?
** Meal at a non-Italian (maybe Indian) restaurant
** Car wash