Running Every Day

Just started. Well I have done a week.

Did it before some years ago and managed about 10 days, but then had the most extreme pain in my shins where I could not really walk and almost had to crawl back the last few 100m to my house.

Still am a lot lighter now and even did my fasts local “thereandback” 5km yesterday. Wondering how long I can do it.

Certainly too old to beat Ron Hill now…

I did everyday last year and really enjoyed it :smiley:

My minimum distance was 5K.

Mentally it was tough and we seemed to have harsh weather at the start of the year and a really hot summer.

You just need to take it easy on your runs to build up your strength and stamina.
I would say I was pretty much injury free for the whole year, unlike this year!

I benefited from faster race times when the XC season started and my parkrun times were good.
Did 2 parkruns on New Years Day at the start of this year (so 366th day of running) with a 19:13 and a 19:15, and I am oldish haha :joy:


Well done. I am doing 2k minimum. 5k I think my body would fall apart.
Great times!

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Thanks @T2T
I wanted to set myself a decent min distance and like i said i just took it easy for most of my runs and really benefited from it.
I learnt that it was ok to have slow runs in my training rather than thinking I had to beast every session so i have taken that into this year and do loads more slow runs than i ever had done in the past.
Just stick with it and take it easy.

I think 5 times a week was the max I reached this year but mostly it was 4. had some hip injuries and bike times suffered but it was manageable as long as the pace was steady.

Couldn’t contemplate every day!

I’m on about 9 months or something of every day running (and about 20 months of every day something which was generally at least 5 runs a week) don’t particularly have a minimum in mind, but it’s very rare I go less than 5km. Don’t find it particularly difficult, but equally doesn’t do huge things for my fitness - If I don’t run fast, I don’t run fast - but certainly having the volume means it is much easier to take on the training of running fast.

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Been a while but my best session was January days in Ks, whatever the date that’s the number of km run that day, the last week hard work, 56 miles over the final three days - fun!

I did have a go at the miles version one August but only got as far as 16 and then made it into a pyramid back to one on the 31st

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I so want to change the title of this thread to;

Ruining Every Day

1Q: Why?


Guy from our gym did 2018…
At least 1 mile max was 20 I think…
But he ran everyday…
No charity or mental illness stories he just wanted too…?!

Nice fella and he improved his 5k time from 22 to just over 20 in the process…

As posted previously really don’t know why, but all the “ normal” people would probably say that about every post on this site ever…

Without any exercise, my mental health suffers, obviously that doesn’t mean I need to run every day, and on days when I’ve already done some exercise going for a run is possibly pointless - but at the same time it’s maybe 25-30 minutes, it gets me out of the house, it gives me some time to think etc.

So the exercise every day is stopping a download mental health spiral (as one day off, becomes, 2, becomes 3 etc.) and the running, just 'cos why not, it’s not hard, I’m not injured, easily adapted to the load - a physical job would have a higher load for sure.

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Most I’ve done was running min 5k every day in December (2017). That got tricky with all the festivities you normally have going on … work events, friend get togethers after work and the like.

Good luck.

I’m not sure about every day, but I’m going to try mon-fri, small distances. I guess I’m in post-season now though.

A goal without a plan is just a dream.
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.

How does one plan to run every day for the rest of ones life?

Ron Hill counted a “run” as a mile, and the definition of a “run” was looser than his race vest.

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I did it for focus as the year before i just wasn’t on it at all.
I was proud of the acheivment because at times it was so hard to get out of the door and do the run but i did it no matter what.
I am really glad i did it as it helped me get back into it and if it hadn’t been for an impact injury early this year i reckon I would have had a good marathon result and improved on my other distance times.



Just my personal experience of a challenge I set myself and the consistent running improved my XC race times a lot and parkrun times and gave me a good base to start my marathon training until injury struck!
It is horses for courses as some people like a challenge and others don’t and i don’t think it needs analysing, it is just one of those things and the overiding outcome should always be enjoyment :smiley:


This (ie what JJ says)

I run most days and if not something, though if I am flying or driving all day I dont stress if i cant.

I did run December one year, minimum 30 minutes or 4 miles (which ever came last), this set me up for a great VLM marathon training period from January. I remember being sick as a dog on NYE but as as it was the last day I still went out and struggled around in 35 minutes or something in the dark and cold.

When marathon training now I can go 2 or 3 months running everyday without evening thinking about it.

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I run ‘most’ days (say 5 days a week) but prescribing a run every day seems a little pointless. Some days it would just cause strife at home or work to try and fit it in. Other times you need to listen to your body. It’s not just injury… today I’m completely knackered and that’s down to 3 weeks of solid running and consecutive weekly 18mile+ runs. I’m tired and I clearly need to step back for a bit.
It’s an admirable goal to run every day but it’s like trying to stick to a training ‘plan’. Life is too complicated for anything so generic. IMO much better to duck and weave and fit running around your life than your life around running.

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I was thinking about this on my run today, geez that’s gotta hurt in that last week!

Certainly did! Kind of glad I binned the miles version don’t think I’d have made 176 miles in a week

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