Running prams?

I was quite surprised that a search for ‘pram’ throws up nothing here - other that references to high price gear :slight_smile:

So, a quick question - anyone here has a pram that they recommend for mainly urban/gentle offroad running? And almost as importantly, from what kid’s age have you started to use it [yes, you can sense eagerness :slight_smile: ]

Any tips on buying second hand and things like that also recommended. We have a light pram for daily use, so the main concern here is comfort when running (for both the adult and the child); weight and sizes are secondary.


Have a friend at work who’s recently bought one. Will ask him what he’s got. Not trying to be a pedantic ar$e, but aren’t they more commonly known as a running buggy? Just might improve your google search.

Good point - still no relevant posts on this forum at least, other than a few references to reliability of Garmin products :slight_smile: Do let me know what your friend says indeed please!

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Not used one myself, but a couple of mates had a Phil and Ted (?) one that they were very positive about. I have a feeling they hold their resale value quite well.

+1 for the Phil and Ted. We used one for years that we picked up second hand. Great as you can get two kids in there one behind the other

Prams - nah, forget it until they can sit up.

Baby Jogger Performance, comfort running is about weight for the adult - not because of the effort pushing it so much, but because of the momentum when you need to stop it or change direction.

Age will depend on the child, head control etc.

Most of my friends have the Thule systems - say system because the combination of items is endless.

When you start is up to you and follow up care. Some friends started running with their kids really early just using extra neck support and others were very cautious. Like everything in parenthood - everyone will have an opinion.

Never really seen any discussions on this Forum or the old one about running buggies. I don’t live in a city, but the only users I’ve seen about are obviously stay-at-home parents who use them to get a workout in during the day, with a young child.

Here, we tend to all be Type-A high achieving types who are always working at the office/surgery…or getting workouts in. Dentists, investment bankers, barristers, consultant anaesthetists etc etc




Let’s go live to our reporter in the ‘Life Status’ thread. Over to you …

The only high achieving i have managed is riding a little 50cc quad bike around the little kiddy track, where i used to work during my Uni summers, standing on my head on the seat. So that’s pretty much a life win for me there. It’s all been downhill since there.

Loser. I got my Gold Arrow and was ‘Cub of the Year’ 1986 at my Pack.

The Forum is too new to cover everything. I have little doubt the old one did cover the subject, but thats not included here.

many thanks for the recommendations - will give phil & ted a proper look…

Many, many years ago we had a Nipper Sport which was fine. Really light and did the job. Google suggests they’re still on the market though no idea as to how good the model is nowadays.

Some of the cheaper three wheelers are absolutely fine for pavement pounding up to 30 minutes or so.

You can pick up a second hand one for <£50, easily.

Running with a buggy is a ballache and you quickly realise it’s not really a training session and it’s not really easy.

If you want to take your child out and give your partner some space/free time, I always found swimming the second most enjoyable.
After the workies, the old codgers love bairns

OK so maybe this is getting to the key question - how good of a workout are those of you with running prams/buggies actually making out of them?

I was hoping that the buggy would be decent enough to do the long weekly run (say around 1.5-2h) with… Thoughts? Obviously child safety/comfort/mood is a factor that is quite individual and may or may not work out, but besides that slight issue…?

Unlike Poet, I found no problem getting a good workout with a running buggy, you need to have a route with few turns and few kerbs, and a good surface, when the kid is very little it’s down to how far they sleep, when they’re bigger you go to playgrounds further away and have the run there and run back with the playing in the middle, and the time depends on their own interest.

I don’t run 1.5-2h so I don’t know about that, but I had no problem doing 45 minute runs at a hard pace, or parkrun’s and a very good intensity, or easier runs chatting to the kid.

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I’m with Jim on this, I used to go up to about 1:15 with it. When mine was young enough, I used to take her out year round in the running buggy. We had one like this nipper sport stroller, the big wheels meant going over bumps and dropping off curbs wasn’t a problem. She loved it, looking around for 15-20 mins then fast asleep, Mrs A liked some alone time, I got to run so everyone wins. We got it off ebay for £40 with waterproof cover, winter leg cover thing, real bargain.

Would it not work much much better to tow the kid with some kind of waist strap?!

I used our baby jogger city select 4 wheeler for a while, actually quite enjoyed running with it, and was always great fun going past people at the parkrun!