Planet Rock magazine has a big feature on Rush this month.

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Its back!

Thank you!

Yes I un-archived it, took a while to find though. I suspect it’ll be at the bottom of the off-topic list in a month again :laughing:

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Heard Marathon on Planet Rock today…



I believe Rush was a popular band with people who posted on the old TT forum about 15 years ago.



Its all been shit since S Club Seven broke up.

I won’t apologize for that statement.

Yeah, and where are all those people now; on FB or on the couch next to White Goodman I presume.

I think i look like White Goodman right now!!

But do you bleed your own blood?

Yeah. I did that. But really.

RIP Neil Peart.



I was truly gutted to hear this news this morning.

He’s an absolute legend. RIP Neil.

“There is trouble in the forest, there is unrest with the trees”

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Very sad news, remember when I went to college there was an art student with the album cover to hemishperes painted on the back of his denim jacket!
Farewell to Kings was one of the first albums I think I bought.

“I am made from the dust of the stars, and the universe flows in my veins” Rush have been the soundtrack to my life, and many others - which I guess is probably why I started this thread; so RIP Neil Peart, September 12th 1952 to January 7th 2020. Gone but definitely not forgotten, especially by your own words
… and there’s still a few of us 15 yearers around Jorgan :slight_smile:


Ha Ha , don’t even know how to post a new comment on this new thingy so have replied to my own post ?!?
… however … funny how tastes change, been obsessively listening to HYF recently. Don’t remember liking it that much in 1980something, so nice to rediscover it, especially ‘Time Stand Still’. Maybe I’m just getting older …

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