Sardinia with family

Thinking about the sun already. trying to plan out this year’s holiday and i’ve been wanting to go to Sardinia for a while now. There seems to be quite a few deals about at this time of year. Flights are cheap, but a few packages are as well. normally i hate package stuff and like to do it all myself. But i have to think about the other three people in my family and find something that everyone will enjoy, that is as stress free as possible.

Thinking about going in May before the eldest turns 5, so we can pull her out of school without the dreaded fines :smiling_imp: So the eldest will be a couple of months off 5, youngest will be 20 months and my wife and i are 36 :wink:

My research is currently not really narrowing anything down! N, E, S, W ? They all look nice!

Anyone with any recent experience (with or without families). Go solo, or just get a hotel deal? Places to avoid etc etc .


we took our motorhome to Sardinia a couple of years ago and stayed mainly in the North, West and East and didn’t venture as far as Cagliari. we were also there in October so it was pretty quiet although some autumn storms on the west made sea conditions interesting, but when the sun was out it was lovely.

what plans do you have - single base or travel around??

Zerp plans at the moment, but it’ll only be a week so single base. Need some tidy beaches for the squirts, but i don’t want to spend every day on a sun lounger/by a pool. So i need to be able to get away and force them up some hills or to some historic sites on at least one day.

If we go package, i’ll def get a car for at least 2/3 days. If we arrange ourselves i’ll get a car for the whole week.

OK. the roads on Sardinia are fine but it’s quite a mountainous isle in areas so some of the roads are quite Alpine when driving with lots of ups, downs, switchbacks kind of thing - more so on the west of the island.

I could suggest a visit to a small coastal village called Buggeru for a) the novelty name, and b) it’s a bit like Cornwall as there are mines dug into the cliffs (calamine not tin/lead) so has quite an unusual feel to it. there’s also a lovely cove called Cala Domestica just to the south which is worth a visit/swim.

for historic sites, visit Barumini. which is more or less in the centre of the island - it’s an ancient village site dating back to the Bronze Age and still intact in places so is interesting to have a guided tour around. more here -

the area around Sant’Antioco to the SW is also supposed to be worth visiting, but we didn’t get there. there are also some nice coastal places on the East coast, and a cracking mountain drive from Baunai to Dorgali via Urzelei with some fab views.

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That’s ace, cheers FB! Really appreciate it

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and if you do get to the NW tip of the isle at Playa Pelosa (this was our 1st stop after the ferry from Toulon to Porto Torres) there’s a few nice beaches around and from Pelosa beach you can swim around the local island, Isola della Pelosa in a lovely sea. probably about a 1500m swim.

PS - I had to look up a lot of the locations on Google Maps as I’d remembered where we went but couldn’t remember all the individual names!

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oh yeh - just remembered - this is supposed to be a good resort to stay at (we didn’t get there) south of Cagliari, Forte Village Resort -

A bit like Club la Santa on Lanzarote, and also hosts the Ironman 70.3 Sardinia in October

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Went with my wife and another couple a few years ago. Stayed in a villa in the NW which I think is called Costa Smeralda. Nice beaches and towns around there. Hired a car and saw quite a bit of the island. Would have to look up where we went though. had a great time would definitely recommend.

I didn’t but would be great for cycling if you could sneak off for a day or two. Had to settle for sea swimming and a few early morning runs :+1:t2:

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We went to Sardinia in August, wife’s choice. Stayed in an Airbnb in Cala Gonone. Quiet. I loved it. Beautiful beaches, trails and cliff paths to run on. Hot, hot. Our teenagers just enjoyed chilling on the beach and swimming. Ichnusa Non Filtrata beer, mm mmm.

Some pics and routes on my Strava w/c 3.8.19 if I can work out how to link

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Er maybe this?? Check out my activity on Strava:

Check out my activity on Strava:

Check out my activity on Strava:

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Cheers peoples. I’ll take a look into those and see if I can find a location to mix them all in. @Adam unfortunately there’s zero chance of getting out for a run. My wife gets a tad frustrated that I still go running on holiday even though I go at the crack of dawn (can’t you just switch off for one week etc - though it’s not about the training, but I love exploring new places… Anyway I digress).

I had looked up that place as it happens @fatbuddha but it was a tad (read miles) out of my price range. Looks perfect for the kids though!

Edit - I meant ride, not run. I’ll deffo get out for a run regardless!


Yeah I’m normally in the same boat. Had to can the sea swims last time we spent a week down in Cornwall. Didn’t seem fair to leave Mrs W on the beach with a baby and a toddler :rofl:

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We went there back in 2011, and stayed in Baia Sardinia on the Costa Smerelda. Lovely beach there, and we hired a car for the week. We were there for a wedding at the Cala de Volpe hotel (of 007 Spy Who Loved Me fame). It’s a lovely region of the Island, but also the most expensive I’d imagine; the island is huge so worth the research you’re doing.

The best thing I remember us doing was hiring a RHIB and going to the ‘Blue Grotto’…I felt like Don Johnson piloting that badboi. We were there 2nd week of Sept, and it had started to quieten down.


I think we’er going to go for June. It’ll be pretty warm, sea will start warming and the crowds won’t have really kicked in.

Easyjet flies into Olbia in the North, so have been focussing my research up there. Costa Smerelda keeps coming up, looks gorgeous … but yeah it’s 100% the priciest part of the island!

Just found out a friend of a friend has 3 properties on the island to rent … so we’re just waiting on details of these.