Self haircut

My hair “should” be easy to cut at home. I usually just have grade 3 on top and 2 on the back and sides. Worst case I could do the whole lot the same length.

I’ve bought a cheap set of clippers, but my nightmare scenario is that I get halfway round and the motor burns out :rofl:


I usually keep my hair at grade 2-3 level. Decided to take it down to a 0.5, blimey it’s short.


Haha. I’d set mine to “2” but after I’d started I realised the numbers were all off, it was actually one notch above nothing.

This is where having a few beers first helps, you only care for a second then keep going :popcorn:

Always start with a stripe down the middle! :joy:


I just dug out my old clippers. Unfortunately I can’t get them to work properly. Pulled the blades apart as they were totally gunked up - not been used in a good 8 or 9 years!

Now I can’t seem to get the right tension between the back plate and the blade. It’s either too tight, and the blade can’t move, or it’s too loose and rattles like an old plane taking off!

Any ideas?

Was gonna try to cut a comedy mullet

Edit - lots and lots and lots of trial and error apparently. I do recall them being crap when I was using it all those years ago. So we’ll see!

if anyone is looking to buy some good quality home clippers - have a look at these

for £70 they are superb value for money. over the years Mrs FB has used various clippers on my bonce but she reckons these are the best - they cut well and with no cables getting in the way so she can move around freely as she zips across my head with them. here’s my bonce from a cut this week - #2 on top, #1 on the sides

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It’s bloody hard cutting on your own! Wife isn’t very happy haha! :joy: She knows the inevitable outcome is a shaved head. She hated it for the 7 odd years I had a shaved head! My attempt at a home mullet. Dont think my hair is long enough.

Maybe ill upgrade it to a mohawk tmw.


Excellent work! :joy:

I think I’m going to need the lawnmower to do my hair fairly soon. Contemplating getting some clippers and doing something extreme like a 2 or 3 but dreading it.

But hairdressers could be some of the last people to reopen apparently, and it’s annoying me now.


You know what needs to be done Jeff! :joy:

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:rofl: certainly wouldn’t try the mullet though :grimacing:

Brilliant look!

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I keep forgetting how much of a moron I look … Until I see my wife’s face! :joy:


I will confess I have followed FB’s link :rofl:


you won’t be disappointed- great clippers

Cut mine today with the clippers on the lowest setting so pretty scalped head now :smiley:


Other than the rather obvious error on one ear which I’m hoping will grow. out quickly, not too bad.


I’m doing the exact opposite. I’ve had a Grade 1 all over for the best part of 30 years, hardly anyone who knows me has ever seen me with hair.
I had it cut just before the lockdown (pure coincidence not planned) so i decided to let it grow until we go back to “normal”
Let’s hope I don’t look like Cousin It by then for all our sakes.
Ps. A side effect of having a Grade 1 for that long seems to be that my hair has no direction of growth at all and is currently growing straight outwards. I’m hoping gravity will intervene at some point before I develop the world’s first grey/ginger afro.


Repeat the “error” on the other ear and it’ll just look modern/cyberpunk :+1:

All - stop doing this sober FFS.

haha! yeah it’s really quite a good effort @Jgav … apart from that one ear obviously. That is pretty funny!

I’ve got my first work calls today since my terrible haircut. Think i’ll carefully manage which ones have the camera on, and which ones i’ll go audio only! I look like i’m trying to be cool with a trendy haircut - but failing - which was not the plan at all. I was hoping for more pure idiot.

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