Show us your rats snakes and other weird stuff

Couple of posts elsewhere about reptile vivariums and tortoise hibernation fridges.
We have 2 degus, inquisitive little brush tailed rats from Chile. One of my mates says he has similar in his thatched roof, and has a pellet gun I can borrow. Don’t think he gets it.

So post here about any weird critters you heat, cool, or otherwise tend. Sir David Attenborough, if you lurk onTriTalk, please come out now.


Whilst not super weird, our silkies are pretty unusual


My kids had pet rats when young… amazing creatures…really intelligent. I was shocked to discover that they had learnt their names and reacted to being called.


Do these count? They eat a lot and leave a mess :grimacing:

Edit: we don’t keep them in a box, it was a rescue until it got checked over.



Pet or just helping out lost/injured hogs?

Edited :roll_eyes:

Get them during the summer though so leave food and water out.

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haha - i wasn’t judging, just intrigued. You may have adopted an old one from a shelter or something!

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Guess this should be in boast about your recent purchases- some hay. The degus are mad for it. First they make a bed from in, then they eat it. This big bag which I just manhandled back from town will last about 8 weeks