Sit-On Kayaks

Any paddlers here? I’ve done various types over the years, from surf kayaking, sit-on in Cyprus right through to river canoeing with the kids. But I would never consider myself a committed paddler. My thought once the kids were old enough was to go for a big Canadian Canoe, but thinking about it after a quick paddle on a sit-on in the Scillies has made me think these are way more versatile. I’m sure when I was growing-up in Plymouth, they were known locally as ‘surf skis’?

I was thinking of starting with a 2+1 ‘tandem’ like the Feel Free Corona 3, so I could take one or both the kids on it on the Wye/Avon; then if that goes well, which I hope it does as they loved the Canadian down the Wye, get another tandem. Longer term I’m thinking weekend trips and coastal paddling (hence the sit-on option). Used prices don’t seem much off new tbh, is that simply because it’s still ‘summer’? I’m going to need a roof-rack anyway.


On the Wye/Avon, carrying 1 or 2 kids then a Canadian is better, I love paddling a Canadian, and would take one every day over an open kayak, however, I would not take a Canadian into the sea or large expanse of water, because if you do capsize, and are alone, it is pretty difficult (but not impossible) to sort yourself out, while looking after 2 kids. A Canadian is also pretty difficult getting on and off the car alone.

Another consideration is that a single paddle is easier for kids to adapt to, but most figure out a regular kayak paddle pretty quickly

You can also take a Canadian out solo, taking a tandem open kayak out solo is a bit like riding a tandem bike solo

i have what effectively is a racing ski - a sit in kayak - for training for adventure racing, but I really need a proper one to progress. i also have a stumpy thing which is harder than it looks to keep straight…

Prices remain high due to the shortage of supply…although you can pick stuff up from adventure tgn centres quite cheaply (well used though)

Yeah you don’t see surf skis much. I raced them as a junior when I did surf lifesaving. Blinking fast, but super unstable. Had some great times on those.

We have a couple of very crap sit on tops. They’ll be great for when the girls are a tad older, but they’re pretty much square. So you wouldn’t want to be going very far in them!

I also really want to take the kids, when they’re a fair bit older, in a trip for a few days in a Canadian. There’s some wicked trips you can do up in scandinavia that I’ve had my sights on for years. Get dropped up river/lake/Bay depending on which trip, get given the tent, food etc and get picked up 5 days later. Only about 7 years to wait :see_no_evil:

We shoot goat boaters in Sydney. Just saying’ :wink:

You’re not in Straya now though boi! :wink::rofl:

Be careful when you’re on them yonder moors this weekend!!

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I have no idea!!!

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Anyway, shouldn’t you guys be regaling tales of epic paddling trips?

Haha -i haven’t been on one yet. It’s on my future plans list, hence the lurking on this thread.

We actually saw a really cool inflatable double kayak the other day, that would be perfect to just muck about with the kids until they’re a bit older. Short on space at the mo, so inflatable would really help things. I don’t want to spend much money in case they hate it and it just gathers dust in the shed!

Inflatables aren’t that cheap either though. I saw someone take one into a calm bay in the Scillies last week, and I could see the hull moving (bending) as they ‘launched’ it into the sea with just 2 kids in it. It put me right off them tbh.

Yeah that’s my biggest worry. And I know they’re not cheap generally, just saw a deal on one in a shop we were passing last week.

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