Slowtwitch run 100/100

Run 100 times in 100 days. Starts Nov 15th.
Have any of you ever done this or plan on doing it?

last year i planned 100 days as a loose target - i am not a fan of rigid, all or nothing challenges, because if you miss day 3 or day 92, you are scuppered…and i got to about 92 when work took over one day and it was midnight before i knew it (I had leapt on the dreadmill a couple of times at 23:50 to get over that)


I imagine I’ll be running at least 100 times in 100 days from November 11th, but then I’m at over 700 times in 700 days at the minute, some time in november will be 2 years of it, so it’ll just be the same as normal for me.

If you can do double days but take days off then you also get around what eJC notes is the bigger problem, finding time to fit it in - although that depends how you organise your life - only once was it ever tricky for me to fit in, and that was when an early and long flight took up most of the day.

That is of course if self isolation doesn’t kill it - as I only do outdoors.


I did it last year.

I really enjoyed it. Ended up with about 130/100.

A good way to build a solid winter run base. I was in great run shape just in time for lockdown😒

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I think the Slowtwitch one is a minimum of 5k and you can play catchup with a double day. Not a bad way to get run fit over winter.

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Anything that builds up good habits and consistency through the winter will serve you well next year, as long as it doesn’t come at the detriment to other things (family, mental health, injury) due to the pressure of abiding to it too rigidly.

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Paging @GRamsay. This sounds like one for your wife; I have visions of her running on the spot in the bedroom :rofl:

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I note this is 100 runs in 100 days rather than run 100 consecutive days but is this not a recipe for injury, especially for those less knowledgeable/experienced who try to keep going ignoring warning signs?

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So a run has to be at least a 5km?

The irony is that these ‘challenges’ are not really that healthy, in a number of ways.

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It isn’t something I would attempt to do, my legs couldn’t cope and I’ve got so few miles in my legs it would be a recipe for disaster.

Just wondered what other people’s thought and experiences are.

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What is this Slowtwitch you talk about?

(genuinely though, I’ve not visited ST since all this kicked-off and am not missing it)

Haha. Yeah got to goes those bloody steps in

Our club swim coach does some similar he calls “advent running” throughout December. I did it a few years ago. 31 days of 5k per day. In a “normal” world of Christmas parties, and general excess, it was nice to do something every day.

The time management was the hardest part, but it quickly became routine, and 5k is just about short enough to fit in around other things.

I wouldn’t have wanted to extend that much beyond a month though. I didn’t actually feel it really benefitted my running that much, as I lost the “quality” of training sessions. But as I say, during December when I’m usually over doing things in a different manner, it helped keep things ticking over.

Even at my lightest and fittest I think running everyday would have trashed me, and would have been pointless. Each to their own of course, but these things arent for me

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Just buy a pair of Nike super shoes every month; legs spared :+1:

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It popped up on Facebook, I never log in to the site. This place is bad enough :joy:

(Just kidding!)

Running an easy 3 mile every day is less of risk than running twice a week really hard. If you go super easy and just build gradually, you will be surprised how your body responds.

It’s the perfect time of the year for a challenge like this.

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potentially, yes…

As some of the guys have said, tell my calves that. I’d last less than a week…