Smoothie Recipes

As per the title really. I’ve just recently rediscovered my smoothie machine as a healthy alternative for that mid morning hunger binge that i get every day, especially when i’m working. I want to try to avoid the biscuit tin and ‘bad food box’ (yep we have a box labelled up as that!).

At the moment i’m very much utilising the ‘stand at the fridge and cupboard, grab and chuck’ method.

Anyone have any good go-to recipes worth trying out. I think @Clive mentioned smoothies in another thread and how he really noticed a negative impact in their absence (i think it was you Clive).

Currently mine tend to roughly be:

  • couple of handfuls of soft fruit (depends what’s in the house: straw, rasp, banana, blue etc)
  • lemon juice
  • honey
  • couple of dollops of greek yoghurt
  • milk (either dairy or non-dairy, depends what’s in stock)
  • oats/muesli/ready brek (anything to bulk it out a bit)
  • sometimes a few scoops of nut butter
  • sometimes some cacao powder
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JUST NO BUGS :face_vomiting:


haha - i’ve used up the little packet of those now. I won’t be rushing to buy them again … but i wouldn’t say no if they were on offer in Lidl or something. In a smoothie you literally can’t even taste them (but i think you’d need a LOT to actually get a decent protein hit).

Mine is mostly red fruits and oat milk, however I do put in a teaspoon of spirulina powder every day, makes the colour alarming depending on the mix but seems to have no effect on the flavour

Frozen fruit is good in smoothies

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Frozen Mango
Tropical fruit juice
Plain Whey Protein
Colostrum occasionally

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Chia seeds or flaxseed?

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Where on earth do you get colostrum from?

Stay well away.
I used to have them and still feel hungry afterwards.

I’d rather have a Snickers Duo than a smoothie.
Same calories innit.
Less sugar.
But more fat.

Less nutrient dense though.

That’s why i load mine up with oats, to help with satiety.

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Or choke when you swallow a non-ground one :rofl::see_no_evil:

I’m too cynical, soz pal :see_no_evil:

banana and frozen tropical fruit, with coconut milk (or/and coconut water) and cocoa (proper ground cocoa not cocoa powder) . or banana and frozen berries with spinach, maybe kale as well. coconut water adds natural electrolytes but ain’t cheap to bulk out a smoothie. I usually add spinach or kale into most, mainly so el nino eats greens without knowing and you cant taste it


Not straight from the source.

Tried the stuff from MyProtein years ago and it tasted like feet.

Then I did some running with James Dunne and he recommended Neovite.

It’s not cheap, so generally only use it when I’m in a dark hole of training

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I’m getting that vibe today!! :rofl:

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Yeah kale is a good call. We have about 24 plants ready to be sown outdoors in the next week or so. Will be a good way to make sure they don’t go to waste!

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Fresh turmeric and ginger, organic carrot, kale and sometimes spinach, banana, either kiwi or berries, cashews, hemp, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, orange juice and water.

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