Snippity Snip


Started on another thread - looking for thoughts, advice and experience in terms of waiting lists, any issues in getting it booked in and recovery time to get back running properly.

I am 35, have two kids and DO NOT WANT ANY MORE!!! :rofl: Seriously though, both my wife and I are firmly agreed on that. I just need to stop being a whimp and get on with it.

As per my comment on the other thread, do it in the off-season, as in my experience, I wasn’t back running for about 3 weeks; and that was in budgie smugglers & lycra.

This leads me on to my ‘amusing’ tale. For some strange reason I didn’t think the local anaesthetic would need to be injected directly at the site. So imagine my surprise when the first one goes in. Then, after a few seconds, I realise I have two, and immediately get very tense. I mean, who doesn’t want to get both testicles injected, right? :flushed:

I just leave it there for now :smiling_imp:


Soothing my nerves already …

Ended up having mine in the middle of the TT season, so not ideal, but was back on the bike, gently, after three weeks.

The actual thing wasn’t too bad, except one of the nurses who was helping perform the procedure recognising me as having been her daughter’s teacher. Trying to maintain a relaxed conversation was rather difficult.

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My mate (who I’m seeing on Weds so want to go armed with some anecdotal evidence) is convinced it’s a 30min job done type thing and he’ll be good as new after a beer in the evening.

He doesn’t do any exercise so no worries about sitting on a bike or anything, but should he really expect to have no pain afterwards? I’m sure everyone says it hurts for a while after!

In all honesty, I think it’s one of those individual things. One of my wife’s friends’ fellas got an infection (always a risk with any surgery of course) and had manky balls for a couple of weeks. When he went to MIU at the local hospital and saw my mother in law waiting at the hatch (who he also knows quite well) he pretty much turned tail and drove up to the main A&E at the district hospital in Exeter! haha

But he had to have antibiotics and the like to settle it all down. I’m guessing that was just bad luck though.

Is it like one of those things where people compete to either have the most gruesome story or make out that they were back climbing 7km peaks within 2 days?


So I’m squeamish and have fainted with immunisations. However I now have enough children to last a lifetime and feel bad that it’s still on the Mrs to keep it at status quo. I’m also only 31 and it just seems so young to have a permanent change. Maybe I just need to HTFU.

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But if you have enough kids to last a lifetime, why not?

Anyways, I booked into a Marie Stopes.
No waiting list, got seen on time, a bit of a professional line. But it was all okay.

I was gently jogging after three days.

No issues at all.

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I don’t disagree - however even reading about it makes my stomach churn.

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I hate needles and blood and all that jazz.

You see nothing. The nurses were great.
Honestly. Get booked in and get it done.

Never heard of MS - googled it. So it’s some sort of charity for that kind of stuff? How much did that cost you if you don’t mind me asking @Poet ?

Though the nearest to me is Dorchester. it’s not totally miles away (about 1.5 hrs) so would have to be worth the drive vs. good ol’ NHS.

I’m cool with needles, blood etc. have given blood loads of times, done studies etc. But i must admit, the thought of someone slicing around my nuts with a scalpel makes my blood turn cold.

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Marie Stopes was free, via a GP referral.
Ask your GP about it.

You just get your balls lasered instead :ok_hand:t4::see_no_evil:

Pretty much!

I just wore budgie smugglers to the clinic, and took some Ibuprofen with me, to chug as soon as I left the surgery and the Local wore off! I was in the Mob back then and all done via forces, so a work driver took me there & dropped me home after.

Biggest risk is young kids climbing all over you in the following days :laughing:

I booked mine at local Doctors surgery, one interview to make sure, then in for the snip. The worst bit was the smell of the cauterisation, hate the smell of burning flesh. Had it done over a decade ago, so can’t remember how long I was off the bike, or out of the pool. Wasn’t that long though…

had mine done over 30 years ago when still a relative youngster - we had no kids and didn’t want any and we didn’t fancy years of Mrs FB being on the pill and the potential dangers of that, so I got the snip done privately as part of a clinical trial as the NHS wouldn’t have touched me without kids.

all went relatively smoothly, no complications post op, but I nearly punched the surgeon when he anaesthetised the 2nd nut as he didn’t warn me - I had assumed the 1st injection was for both! it was also interesting to see a plume of smoke heading upwards from my nuts - that kind of freaks you out.

Whatever you do make sure you cannot see what is going on down there in the reflection of the operating theatre lights :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I had no great problems with the op. Would have been nice if the surgeon had waited for the local to actually start working before he made the cut though. All was back to working order within 3 days. Never seemed to regain the ability to project quite as far, but maybe that was just old age kicking in. Other than that then neither party has ever noticed any differences at all.


Too much information.


Had it done by my GP about 3 years ago. Echo others thoughts… no less comfortable than a trip to the dentist but i was a little ‘delicate’ for a few days afterwards. Think i was ‘jogging’ after 10 days. Tight briefs a must. And yes, that smell of cauterization never really leaves you…