SpaceX launching astronauts for the first time in half an hour, might be just visible on the horizon later then again after ten low on the SW horizon

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Watched the launch on YouTube but couldn’t see it over Edinburgh… USA to Scotland in 15mins… :rocket:

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I think its supposed to be visible in about half an hour on the SW horizon - but I cant find any link saying specifically when and where

I saw the flight path and it was south of Surrey so you’d have been unlikely to see it from Edinburgh!

Tim Peake says 10.10 low above horizon from West to South East going under the moon. I’ll have a look from Manchester


10:10 under the moon.

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Still very bright here…!

I see the ISS

I don’t! Too bright! Can’t even see the first star yet…

Yeah it was directly under the moon at 22:13, from here in South London

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Assume it’s dark?!

Moving quite fast


Relatively speaking, as it’s actually moving bloody fast

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No sign of dragon though.

ISS was nice (watch in landscape):

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so was that the ISS I saw ?
they should have made them different colours so we knew which we were looking at :thinking:
as I have been following this, I’ll have to watch the docking at 3:30pm today

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Im just going on the above posted from Tim Peakes. Docking in half an hour then :slight_smile:

Watching the docking was cool

I assume you’re not talking urban dictionary definition.

I think that kind of joke needs to come with a warning for peeps who can’t help but have a look :dizzy_face: