Sports Casual

Because proper athletes do something active to get back home from the gym, so they need sports wear, I guess if you are too old and need to get in a car to drive home then it is just your old age.


plain black trainers are sports casual FFS!

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Haha hardly but I bow to your superior knowledge of fashion :grinning:

That is exactly what my neighbour is like. The one that has the hubby with the 320d but can’t afford £70 to have their gutters cleaned.:roll_eyes:

Well, that £70 can be put towards some new Dubarrys or a Musto gilet!


Yet life does not imitate your logic.

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Have you asked them!?
Getting someone to actually come out and do 1/5 of a days labour is hardAF.

Of course I’ve asked them, how would I know they didn’t want to pay it otherwise?
We had a gutter cleaner come out and long story short, he wouldn’t clean ours because they hadn’t cleaned theirs (and wouldn’t) and as we share the ‘run’ front and back, he said it would be a waste of time.

Mrs FP asked them if they’d go halves (£70 ea) and she said they couldn’t possibly afford it. We binned off the cleaner, got a refund, engaged a company that was actually willing to get off their ass and do something. The put a divider in the gutters and cleaned ours, no problem.


Only own running capri’s or full length tights. Don’t own any jogging bottoms but do love a nice hoodie. Must admit after reading most of this thread I might have to buy some cheaper versions - no way would I pay £100 for a pair of joggers!

I wear some rather fetching puma numbers I got in sports direct, 2 for £15.

Oooo. Thanks for the tip.

I wouldn’t be seen dead in joggers. Can’t stand them. Even worse with those atrocious ‘sliders’. Bloody sandals and socks. Nope.

Fat Face shorts for me all year round. Flip flops or Toms. Outdoorsy jacket or bodywarmer.

I only own two pairs of jeans that rarely see the light of day - normally if I’m going ‘out’ in the winter (admittedly they are skinny ish jeans) . Very rare! :joy:

Though I am starting to feel the cold more with age. And don’t actually have any trainers that would ‘go’ with my trousers. All my trainers are just retired running shoes.

Work is some crappy blue chino type trousers and a shirt. Sleeves always rolled up. Can’t stand ties or suits. If I could wear shorts and tshirt in work everyday I would without a doubt!

Yep. My wife has bought a few bits this year, despite my ridicule. She apparently knows what is fashionable. Whereas I wear my clothes until they’re literally falling apart.

Though I do have a few Rapanui tshirts that I love, cos I’m a proper eco warrior and that.

Seems to be a general fashion trend particularly for young lads, not even at the gym, local hoodlums init!

That Lululemon isn’t cheap either!

I like some technical outdoor kit but North Face etc. has definitely been hijacked as a fashion brand.

Sports Casual is not jogging pants, this is sports casual!


I’m lucky I get to wear shorts and T-shirt year round in the office. Not sure how I’d cope if I had to wear more clothes, the heating gets cranked up so much in the winter it’s warmer than in the summer! All the women in the office are shivering in the corner still all layered up obviously

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Same as GB !

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Who would wear joggers for ‘dress down Friday’?

Sat here in my granddad jeans/polo shirt & Saucony Jazz originals.

Our office used to have a strange dress policy. Mon-Thurs it was business attire and a lot of people wore ties, suits etc. Fridays were dress down and people went nuts, football shirts, all sorts. Then they adopted “casual”. One of the sales guys used to roll in wearing a matching tracksuit. Joggers and top, all grey. Looked awful.

Did he wear the hood up too :rofl: That reminds me…