Spotify experts?

This could be confusing but stick with me. I have two SIM cards in my phone and before I had this phone, I had two phones. One work and one private.

On my private I had free bog std Spotify, didn’t use it much. As part of my work package, my work sim had Spotify Premium (paid for by work). I will eventually have to hand my dual sim phone back but right now I still have it.

My old work have switched off the calls/txt feature from my work sim but data still appears to be working, therefore Spotify Premium works. What’s weird is, if I switch off data from my work sim and switch off wifi from my phone (therefore phone using my own sim data), Spotify Premium still works, or at least plays the songs I’ve previously played.

My question is, when I give the phone/sim back, is there any way that Spotify Premium will carry over to my own phone/sim without my knowledge? I don’t mind to have std Spotify but don’t want to pay for Premium out of my own coin.

I don’t understand why it appears t still work when I switch the work sim completely off?

While we are on the subject can anyone tell me why it brings my mac to a crushing halt?

Literally to the point where I can’t use it on my computer!

I’ve seen lots of people complaining of the same from google search but absolutely no definitive solution (to a non techy like me)

I did have an issue on my phone where Spotify wouldn’t play for more than 10 secs. Turns it cache all your data, so I went to settings and cleared the cache for the Spotify app and did a ‘force stop’. That worked on my phone but never used it on my Mac.

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I’m relatively new to Spotify, but as far as I can see you must log into the app using an account, and it is the account which is their standard or premium. The phone SIM is irrelevant.

You must have a work account (Premium) and a person account (Standard).

If you click Settings > Account you will see your username, and I would think that each phone must be using a different user name?

I see no reason why you couldn’t log into the Premium account across multiple devices as long as you know the login details?

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Spotify is a subscription service like strava or instagram so totally detached from the sim.

I’ve got single user premium and it’s logged in across multiple devices. No restrictions you just can’t listen on 2 different devices at the same time. Same login ID used and same password - just like you would with strava on your phone and online.

Who knows but it’s completely rubbish on my MacBook. An error every time I start it up and barely functions. Completely rubbish. And no sign of improvement.

Do you use Chrome on your Mac?

I’ve got Spotify added to Chome through the Chrome app store and it works perfectly.

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I think that the upgrade to paid must have applied to the Spotify login and isn’t linked to the SIM. Can you check what the Spotify account is showing as?

Also, if anyone doesn’t know, there is Spotify family, it’s £15 per month and gives you premium you can apply on up to 5? accounts working out at £3 per month. Per Ts & Cs supposed to all live at the same address.

Actually, now I think about it, you guys are right. To get this, I had to set up an account with predetermined link from the dept that ran our employee benefits. That’s why username in the Premium Acct is a massive long list of letters and numbers.

I’m not bothered whether I have it or not, I just don’t want to pay for it but if it’s not linked to a SIM then I guess that can’t happen. I did read some horror stories of folks on O2 being charged for it when they never ordered it.

My personal SIM has no added entertainment benefits. I wonder when they’ll switch it off?

Just to answer your question. I can’t look on the other phone now, as there is no ‘other phone’ because I changed my phone to dual sim (which I have to hand back). The phone I have waiting to use when I hand mine back doesn’t have Spotify. I did just download it and it’s picked up my premium acct from the other phone (probably because I used ‘phone clone’).

Like I say, I don’t care as long as I don’t end up paying by stealth.

ETA: I realised I didn’t explain this well. I used to have two phones, my personal one that was real old and knackered, and a work one. The old knackered phone had basic Spotify and I had nothing on my old work phone. When I got my new dual sim work phone, I threw my old phone away.

the phone I have waiting to go when work collect my dual sim phone, is a NOS Huawei something or other that I got given from a colleague. So I don’t have the device that had my old Spotify on it any more.