Spreadsheet formula help

Working on a spreadsheet for Mrs GB and I’ve hit a wall … hoping you coding geniuses can work it out in about 3 secs flat. I’ve trawled google and I can’t solve it. Well, I thought I had nailed it, but it’s not working. Not sure if there’s an error in the/a cell somewhere or the formula is wrong.

Anyway. What I’m trying to do:

IF cell O2 is ‘Active’ (or if possible, if this cell is anything other than ‘Discharged’) AND cell H2 is > 30 days ago from today then apply this conditional formatting to cell B2 (and then repeat down the spreadsheet).

You’d be helping the heroes in the NHS come into the 1990’s at least!!



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So, in Google Sheets but I expect it’ll be the same…



Or what Buzz did just before I hit enter and is in the system you actually want

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The range is going to change.
So please make it dynamic now.

I would also like a sparkline showing the past three months performance there.

If you could also make a RAG chart in another tab, in the form of a odometer (hint: use a donut chart, another one and hide some stuff)

I’d also like it to update from various sources when I open it.

But I don’t want to see the screen flickering.

Finally, I’m parched, fetch me a brew.

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O2 and H2 cells, is she making Greta a car?


Im not doing anything until you create a user story in JIRA, with acceptance criteria.


I assumed we we bleaching something?

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One of the advantages of being a manger is you can recruit a team that knows how to do stuff. :smile:

Like how to use spell check :roll_eyes:





You’re hired! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


A manger would know when to use the correct form of YOUR.

“Your hired” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(For the n00bs. It’s a TT1.0 thang)

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got to start playing with jira tomorrow I think - wonderful, or maybe not

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Obviously not Snr Mgt material, they would have written ‘your highered’ :wink:

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Mrs GB has managed to do that for free :rofl:


Thanks @buzz and @The_Iain , but no bananas.

They’re variations of the ones i had worked out, but none are working.

The cells in the ‘O’ column are derived from a table driven, drop down menu choice, not sure if that would make any difference?

Well, the sub contractor did, you don’t know the original terms of the contract :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here we go.

Like every request ever. :roll_eyes:

Here are my requirements…

…excellent. Looks good. I’ve finished. Here you go.

Oh. No. This is wrong. You’ve not done that thing I didn’t tell you about.


If it’s too hard for you @Poet, just let the big boys and girls play :wink:

If i knew that was going to have an impact, i’d have said it from the start. I can’t know what i don’t know. Perhaps you should’ve asked the right questions?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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JIRA is great, has a few foibles like most software, but is a good tool. Lots of good add ons as well although they can get expensive as they are annoyingly priced by your overall user count, even if only 3 people are going to us the actual app.

If you need any help, shout I’m a fucking Ninja with it. Which means its always muggins that has to change everything (and because I wont let anyone else be an admin)