Standing - lower back pain

Hi all,

Ive been trying out a standing desk position the last few days…and its really uncomfortable.

I get no back pain sitting, walking or running for hours but 30mins standing still and Ive had enough.

What gives? :face_with_monocle:

I always get that if I’m standing, but not moving about.

Move about :smile:

A bit tricky in an hour long video conference😅

Perhaps Ive just misunderstood the concept of the standing desk?

“ It is best not to sit in one position for more than 20 minutes, or to stand in one position for more than 8 minutes.” - Wikipedia

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Treadmill under the desk? :rofl:

Probably tight hip flexors and quads plus inactive posterior chain causing your pelvis to tip forward and your lower back to arch


back in the day, we called it “exhibition back”. sales guys are used to sitting either driving or when seeing customers, so when you did commercial exhibitions, standing around all day gave major back grief.

strengthen the core and keep moving


I get\got that a bit when I started using mine, as a few have said you’ll start to tolerate it better but shuffling about and sitting down now and then helps.

Yoga probably will as well. I’m really missing mine, it just moves the aches from one part of my body to another :rofl:


As @fatbuddha says it is probably more to do with the change of moving from prolonged sitting to prolonged standing. As you mention it is being in one position for too long that is the problem. All this postural stuff has no basis in science, no posture has been proven to be more pain inducing than any other. As with sitting at work, move as much as possible and if possible don’t maintain the same posture for too long.

With your level of fitness I very much doubt that your core is too weak for you to stand for 30 mins. Some simple mobilisations like this might help quadruepd mobes

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You forgot to throw Glutes in there.

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Glutes are part of the Posterior chain! Glutes and hammies



Plus the calves, erector spinae and lats.

try one of these while standing - helps to keep using different muscles - works for me

Exactly this.

Wouldn’t an anterior tilted pelvis cause LBP during running as well?

Stick with it, alternate standing & sitting with the goal of weaning yourself off sitting.

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I’m ‘somewhat familiar’ with back pain! This seems like something pretty normal though. I’ve had standing desks before and like them but I rarely go more than an hour without a walk break or sitting.

I find the worst regular aching I get, is when I’m standing straight, or at least think I am but in reality and slightly bent over at the top. Things like screwing things together on a bench or standing and typing without the bench quite high enough etc. That stuff hurts!

I’m expecting my strength routine to be sorting out the posterior chain, although Ive cut back to half the weight on the barbell recently. 5x5 3pw.

Not sure about hip flexors, I do feel stiff though and will roll the shoulders back for better posture.

I just assumed with all this talk of standing desks that I would be better off standing through these video conferences.

Ill keep moving about, changing position - Im cross legged on the floor now, for example. :+1:

I got told off by my physio for doing this using my Traps, and that it should be Lats driven… takes a bit of working on to get into using the right muscles, but once there its easy. It feels like you are pulling your shoulder blades in but also crucially down and towards the middle as well.

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I stood for 8+ hours in my previous job.

You definitely have to train yourself up to it