Started a new costume

As I am a standard cosplayer, despite saying I wouldn’t start a new costume….I have started a new costume.

Been on my bucket list for a while along with Ant- Man


Thought I’d just share what goes into something like this.

Idea is to be as screen accurate as possible.
That means for this a total outlay of about £2.5k

Pretty much the whole costume is custom, so it’s either a matter of making it yourself or finding talented people who make the bits.

The costume consists of

Mask / goggles
Jacket / glove
Belt / Holster
Trousers / knee pads
Arm / hand

Mask, goggles, arm and hand will all be 3d printed

Already printed one this week, but too small, so will be resizing and doing another one.

Ordered a few bits, but first to arrive have been my “water pistols”

More to come as an when.


I had no idea it would be that expensive!

This I would call the top end of standard level

The jacket, harness, belt and glove are all hand made by a woman in Italy.

All leather and customer shark skin neoprene.

It’s not off the shelf but made to order.

That’s the most expensive part of the whole thing, coming in about £1200

The knives I’m getting are all resin cast off the same models used in the film.
Having done some molding and casting myself, it’s all about time and materials.

That’s £150 for 4 knives alone
Boots are £130 to start
Guns will probably be about £250

I’ll save some money doing the arm myself as a resin cast is $300 but mine will be about £70


Great costume. Nice that you want to stay as true to the original as possible and use leather and neoprene - no glueing foam!! Is it for a special occasion CC London/Manchester? My kid is really into this stuff and after seeing him develop his costume last year, it really gave me an insight into how long these costumes take to make and how intricate they can be. Have fun!

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Yes, like Anna, I was wondering what the ‘payoff’ was after all this investment?

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Can someone tell the old man in the room who it is please?


I’m part of the 501st Legion / UKG, so I’m at events all year round, but obviously the larger Comic-Cons are the biggies

Think even with COVID I did 25+ events last year.

Foam is good, but it’s not durable enough long term.

What did your boy do?


Smiles on faces
Raising money for charity
Make-a-Wish stuff
Hospital visits
Keeping the existential dread at bay for me.


Lol I enjoyed that :slight_smile:

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That’s the first TikTok I’ve ever watched. Had no idea it was so expensive (though not surprised as it obviously is a step up from the junk Halloween costumes most people see!)

Interested to watch though and great work (both on the costume and raising money!)


Thanks dude.

Yeah a lot the cost comes down to time it takes for people to make stuff.

The jacket for example will be £600 which is pretty much identical from the movie jacket. Which is all hand made, with a complicated pattern.

Same as any screen printed stuff.
That shit ain’t cheap.

For me the cost is about how much joy can it bring. Both for me or others.

One of the numerous impacts of COVID is that I’ve done any hospitals visits since Feb 2020 :frowning:


Dropped £1k on the jacket, harness, glove and belt today :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

One bonus is paying through Paypal so have 4 months at 0%


Don’t know whether you know but you don’t get the same consumer protection with that as say paying on a credit card. I don’t use it

I’ve found it to be really good with cosplay stuff

Had two disputes over the years and got my money back no issues.

In exciting news, the first part of my costume arrived today


What part of the costume are they for? Belts? I presume the jacket comes with the appropriate fastenings. :blush: Also, was there a reason you chose Dritz, staying true to the original or what was available?

My guess is to create the ‘mechanical arm sleeve’

@Annas @itom150

They are used for something you can see in this picture

It’s a stupid tiny detail :rofl:

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can’t wait to see this finished!

Its ticks every single one of my inner geek boxes!

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Well, firstly I would use one for the trousers. Maybe some to keep the holster and ammunition belt in place!?!?!