I have a bit of a craving for a nice steak this weekend. I tend to buy something nice 2/3 times a year as we don’t eat much meat at all these days … except chorizo. Too much chorizo!!

I’m going to go to one of the nice local butchers, and get quality local, organic, grass fed, hopefully native species beef on the weekend. Devon red or longhorn, something like that.

So, a quick poll. What’s your favourite cut and what are you pairing it with - sauces, other food etc?



Fries or garlic baby new potatoes.

Bone marrow gravy or green beans.

A nice Chianti :shushing_face::fork_and_knife::sheep:


My preference in SA was a rump for the value for money and taste credentials. But I’m always slightly disappointed by a rump here. Like you, a good steak is a rare treat so I just push the boat out and go fillet. The fillets from my preferred butcher are that good that it really is a treat.


I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist this thread @GRamsay. I see you typing your response! :rofl:


It might be a cliché but I think you cant beat fillet. I like a tournedos cut as its easier to cook them well, especially if you want a lot of steak. Huge hunk of filet can be tricky.

Sauce has to be Béarnaise, lots of it. I used to struggle with making it, but there are a couple of tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. Good quality butter and eggs are required as is decent tarragon.

The wife and kids are away next week so I am going to have this. I also bought a deep fat fryer over Xmas to cook something so I am going to make triple cooked chips


Where’s @jgav - he’s always got a beef with how people cook their beef :see_no_evil:


I’m a tightwad, so for me, Sirloin offers the best bang-for-buck.

I’ve never even tried Chateaubriand; I always thought of it as the (restaurant) dining equivalent of driving a Bentayga :joy:


With todays costs a chateaubriand is actually becoming more cost effective. Everyone raves about a tomahawk but I’m always suspicious of ‘bone in’ cuts and my brother who is a grill restaurant chef confirms that tomahawks are just not worth it.

I’m building up to buying a chateaubriand. Just scared of making a mess of cooking it.


Yeah same, not had one of those before. Probs a bit too pricey for me.

My original thoughts were nice, dark, marbled fillet. We’ve got 2 decent farm shops nearby, so i can get from either of them and they both have fishmongers as well, as Mrs GB isn’t big on steak.

Why would you not want to drive a Bentayga?
The factory built (ie - not modded) ones look elegant.
The build quality inside is luxurious. You can even visit the factory in Crewe to watch it being made.

Anyway - chateaubriand is quite easy to cook.

For the same reason I wouldn’t want to walk around wearing this.



Some basic points about cooking steak well which help to ensure a good char (maillard reaction) IMO. Take out of the packet and put back into the fridge , this helps to dry them somewhat. Before cooking always pat dry the whole steak with kitchen towel again, to remove moisture. Otherwise you end up boiling the water droplets before charring it. Salt and Pepper just before cooking. I like to use a dry pan, sear the edge with the fat on (if sirloin) then you have beef fat to cook the steak in. Before its finished cooking, few good knobs of butter with rosemary and garlic, melt and finishing cooking in that.

Sirloin always for me.


Why would you want to do that?

fillet only cut I eat, all the others not worth it at all fatty shit, would be okay if fillet didn’t exist maybe.

No sauce or anything with it.

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And what reason is that :thinking:

Looks comfortable, might get dirty quite easily I suppose.

Steak I have a bit of a problem with, it just feels too close to the animal.

Completely irrational as I would have no problem eating a burger or lasange.

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The hat sort of fits the chauffeur style I’d expect if I owned a Bentayga


I’m so sad, i searched ‘steak’ in my Google pics and found my last two! :rofl: This exact weekend last year, and the almost exactly 6 months later!

Looks like i went for a chunky sirloin, marinated in harissa served with a pepper and lemon sauce and some nice chips. Pics are making me hungry already!

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The Bentayga is for you to drive.
The Mulsanne is for the chauffeur :tophat: :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’m concerned about this “lemon with steak” mentioned by Peter…very concerning

Preserved lemons in the charred pepper (capsicum not black pepper) sauce.

Delicious! :yum:

Middle Eastern steak? :thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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