Stoopid of the day

Today it’s me that wins stoopid of the day (despite @Poet discovering some IMJ gold - though they may need a separate category).

Instead of sending someone quite senior in our Estates department a link to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals just now, i send them an article about how the Red Sea may actually be an ocean!

:see_no_evil: :rofl:

“Very interesting, but not going to help us with designing sustainable specifications for our future furniture contracts.”

Still … could’ve been a lot worse had i been chatting to my mates and sending nonsense back and forth!!! At least it makes it look like i’m a cultured intellectual that knows about stuff. :rofl:


Whereas I, got dragged into a convo with 2 deputy directors and others yesterday about how the tune from Baby Shark is actually ripped off from a Korean cartoon called Pororo. :joy:


At least it wasn’t a link to your bike fit videos…


I managed to send a picture of myself in a very very tight sleeveless tri suit in full glorious yellow and black pirate colours, at the end of an IM… so perhaps not my most flattering picture… to the entire IT department. :flushed:


I once worked for a woman who was as wide as she was high.
I sent her an email with some figures in it and almost immediately realised I’d caught the wrong key and one of them was wrong.
I started typing another email saying, “Fat fingers sorry, hit the wrong button, should read…”
But brushed the touchpad on the laptop by mistake and just sent “Fat”


Sorry, that me proper LOL

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Glad to be of service :grinning:

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I went to pool on Wednesday. Night before washing machine had had to be drained as it was full of hay (don’t ask) so there were nary any towels to be found. I did find one, nice size, bit damp but beggars can’t be choosers so shoved it in my bag.

Getting dry after swim, I discovered what the dampness was. Fucking cat has been using it as a toilet, an aromatic weapon in the ongoing war against our other male mog.

After realising I’d rubbed cat piss all over my body I honestly didn’t know whether to shower again and go home wet or leave it and stink until I got home. I chose plan B and decided I’d sort it once home.

And you know the punchline…yep, totally forgot by the time I got home. Our house must really smell of cat wee cos neither the wife nor the kids said a word…


:joy: :joy: :joy: :clap:

A colleague sent a group email to Dunc and called him Dunce…and the nickname stuck…


On a videoconference call, I was hosting and shared my whole desktop rather than just the PowerPoint program.

Anyway one guy, known as a bore was wittering on, and a mate instant messaged me ‘for fuck’s sake can’t you shut him up’, which appeared as a message for everyone to see on the call​:joy::joy::joy:


Brilliant :+1:

Hah hah @gingerbongo wow incredible - I was tonight going to post a prize chump of the day thread, but you bally well usurped me!

So the drive this eve to the Loch was a cool 10 degrees, omens not looking too good. I was the only person there,having arrived about 1700, another sign, no swimmers, no paddle boarders, no kayakers.

Gets all kitted up, gets in brrrrrr, must be 8 or less, hence no-one about, not even any ducks :sweat_smile:

During the swim I thought that’s odd, I feel far colder than normal, and during the last 5 mins of about 45, I could feel the cold not only starting to affect face and calves, but also my back… how odd I thought.

When I got out of the water walking…waddling to the car in wetsuit, my waist had expanded far greater than the 30 I am, also noted that my calves were massive which they are not!

It dawned on me when I was taking off the wetsuit that I had not zipped up the back, so it was hanging on me by velcro neck strap. No bloomin wonder I was frozzed!

What a prize chump, surely the winner of the day :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


You had me in hysterics, nice one.

We have to shut our bedroom and other rooms’ doors to stop our angry cat pissing everywhere she really shouldn’t :smiling_imp:

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A fellow teacher took a screen shot of a resource she had found and was recommending to the whole team (for brownie points with the head of school) whist forgetting that the other two tabs on the screenshot were…

a holiday website…


a recruitment agency…



Make them sit on the floor.