Stuff you didn’t know until recently

I must have led a sheltered life. I’m 47 and so far this year I’ve learnt …

  • screwdrivers have a bit on them that you can put a ring spanner on to help with those stuck screws.

  • if you look up at the sky on a clear night there are loads of satellites zipping around that you can see with the naked eye.

Anyone else care to fess up :woman_shrugging:


I think those are fine. In fact, I’m not even sure i understand the first one even after you’ve explained it. And blame Elon Musk for #2.

But: Remember “Man stroke woman?”

12:19 in…

Guy who knows nothing…

My wife says that’s me. I can’t disagree. “For a clever guy you do have some alarming gaps in your knowledge.”

…Is the nicest way she’s put it over the years.

I tend not to remember what awful things I didn’t know. Believe me, I can do “general knowledge” but practical stuff that you’d expect men to know…absolute shite. Learning to fix bikes has been…quite the experience. And after 5 years I still wouldn’t trust me to do anything beyond changing a tyre!


I’m also not sure what you mean by #1, any examples?

I did learn a few weeks ago that if you are risking stripping the head of a bolt with the Allen key etc you can put a rubber band of it to help it fit better, or in my case a swim cap.


Those bottom two screwdrivers have them.

basically a ten mm nut just above the handle.

Not all screwdrivers have this though!

Both of my sets have them - wilkos & draper , but you’re right , I looked online for a quick photo reply and couldn’t readily see them.

Handy thing though

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Ah ok, I see what you mean. I think a lot of mine don’t have them.

The BACK button on my remote goes to the last channel you were watching :+1:t3::rofl:

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Could anyone tell me what the magic screwdriver does?

Still not a scooby.

Please blow my mind.

I have just learnt that one of the best ways to clean a bike cassette or chain is to just put them in diesel for about 10 minutes.

Just off to try and put my entire bike in the tank on the Mondeo.


What do you do with the diesel afterwards?

Hmm, I did wonder that and I don’t think they said.

However, don’t put it down a storm drain in the street as apparently they go straight into rivers etc. without treatment (only learnt that a couple of weeks ago).

But your sewage drain is probably the better bet if you can get to it, as it is treat.

Although I’m fairly sure an F-Pro triathlete (possibly Cheetham) a few years ago said she’s got an old dishwasher she puts them in?

You might be lucky and find the council takes it, if you live in London I think you have to organise someone to come and collect it, and I think is free up to a limit other than the container. Looking on the councils site - you can just take it to the tip though, as long as it’s less than 5l, although you’ll have to surrender the container so 5 quid a time, pretty pricey!

Although I guess the tip folk might be able to sell you back one cheaper than new!

They adjust the limit screws on your front and rear mechs


I’ve got slim Allen keys for that.

You’re joshing me, right?

No definitely not!! :blush:

Your di2 May have Allen bolts but my two bikes with Sram and Shimano have small Phillips bolts - I’ve always used a small flat blade screwdriver!


But I still don’t get how that relates to the large hex “knuckle” circled on the pics?

Oh I give up. I’m terminally hopeless.

What…the fuck…is a fish??

No such thing mate…

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Thank you!

So even the stuff I thought I had learnt isn’t safe?

Maybe David Icke is right!


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Apologies!! I thought you were asking what you would use a screwdriver for :rofl::rofl::rofl:

you slide a spanner down your screwdriver to give you extra leverage. That is of course if you haven’t rounded the screw off already.

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I don’t know a wrench from a spanner from a…they have other words for the same shit don’t they?

Anyway. I have a lovely and quite cheap lifeline torque wrench that seems to do most of that stuff you’re talking about, I think.

Thank you for being patient with an idiot.

I guess I thought the description matched my attempts to use a dremel to score a line in a screw to get it out.

As you may imagine, that didn’t end well!

I only hope I never have to figure out what you’re all trying to tell me!

:grinning: :smile: :laughing:

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