Stuff you didn’t know until recently

Thanks for that shoutout @The_Iain and sorry I’ve only seen it 4 months later.

Can’t help but feel my plight is limited compared to the existential despair @mungo2 is going through, so best wishes to him.

Anyway, short short short version, gallbladder popped last August, almost certainly made things worse by being 1. a bloke 2. a doctor with not much acute medical knowledge any more and 3. a triathlete (cos who else actually fucking exercises with peritonitis?). Anyway, 4 months out of circulation, no swim, no bike, no run. A lot of PlayStation (my Witcher character build is mint) and a very long road back to fitness and glory…(all things are relative).

So…I do have a deferred sprint triathlon next weekend. Would love to see @mungo2 or any of you fuckers there, but at 20 bloody stone (shit the bed, had to order a ‘fat guys on the bus’ or whatever it’s called trisuit) I’m targeting a finish as bronze, silver as 1:30 and erm, nope, there is literally no chance of me going any faster.

Anyway, I don’t care. I’m so excited about an expensive delayed triathlon that I’m back to doing training every bloody day. Slightly off topic, but I think Ironman might actually be bad for triathlon, as I think a lot of people get sidetracked and miss the essential joy of the shorter events. Ok, it was just me. But I’ve seen the light!

Take care, MR


Welcome back, that sounds horrific!


Glad to see you back!

I’m working nights … for the next 18 months I guess… my brother lives 400 ms from the run course and I’ll be there weekend of the 27th damn!!

WHEN I come back to tri that will be my first race.

Anyway glad your racing again.


Welcome back.

I’ve suffered from peritonitis with a burst appendix a little while back - I did the same, spent so much time playing xbox360 and call of duty!

Great to see you chomping at the bit for your race!


Glad you’re doing ok,the perils of not keeping up with social media (most of the posts I’m thousands behind)

I wouldn’t call it racing! But….

As it was my first ever triathlon, I am out to beat 40 year old me (7 years ago!) on the bike leg at least. Got it up today on Garmin. That fucker is going down!


Ouch, I hope your experience getting care didn’t match mine, although my wife would point out that at least 80% of the time i spent waiting was because I am “a dick.”

I would add that owing to it happening in August, and being in immense pain, I saw more of the Olympics than I ever have…so every cloud….


I had what felt like a stomach ache that was relatively painful but not excruciating like you’d normally associate with an appendix going.
My wife for example was in horrific pain and they whipped it straight out.

Mine grumbled on for a couple of weeks went to the gp and the sent me packing, went to a&e, they also sent me packing. Went back to a&e saying there’s something fucking wrong with my stomach, it’s not normal etc… I should have put my foot down not just got on with it.

Anyway, the second time I went to hospital a consultant rushes to me at like midnight asking me to sign something saying they needed to remove my appendix pronto!

Down to the operating table then after I wake up i remember wondering why the bloody hell my belly button was killing me - turns out it had been leaking for weeks and I nearly died. I had assumed I’d wake up and have some nice, neat keyhole wounds but instead they cut from my bellybutton down about 4 inches and got in there and got it out.

Got a tasty scar for my troubles, proceeded to spend the next few months laying on a sofa smashing video games!


It’s flat!

Weight doesn’t really matter once it’s moving, running… not so much !

Your obviously motivated and I’m sure you will enjoy yourself, remember no one else really cares how fast or slow you go except you.

I’m gutted I’m not there I’d be looking at a similar time myself at the moment, in fact I’d be hoping just to finish in this shape


Welcome back Memphisreigns :smile:.

Good to hear you’re back in the game. Have a great race :+1:.


Gotta be at least 150g lighter without that gall bag. Welcome back, you could have had some actual sympathy if you had posted sooner you know :grinning:

Good luck in that race, totally agree sprints are great. All the fun of an actual triathlon, but you don’t walk like the undead for 3 days after.


I suspect a lot of blokes have similar stories; we don’t see the signs of acute illness.

But I do wonder, is there something in this? Do blokes who go out of their way to embrace pain (could be excessive tattoos, also any endurance sport to “painful” levels eg Ironman, marathons, ultras etc) miss the signals?

Hopefully they will dig out this insightful post in 2000 years as an example of way ahead thinking….yeah right!


I’ve had pancreaitis, pretty fucking hard to miss that signal, you end up in agony on the floor and a ride to emergency in an ambulance. :smile:

Is there anything you’ve not had FP?! :wink::joy:


Good fortune? :grin:



Golfists now have electric trolleys that are remotely controlled, they don’t even need to push their bats around any more.

Skynet man, SKYNET.


I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they took the golfists!


So do anglers

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