Sub-4 Marathon in 2021 thread

I’m thinking of doing Brighton as a benchmark mara next year. I reckon Abington in Oct might be my sub 4 attempt.

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Nice experience! I think a running partner is a great thing. I’ve basically trained and raced alone for six years, last year at Brighton I was there with my running club but no one was targeting the same time as me.

There were three guys running for 3:45 and that why I set off too fast, but it was a great feeling running in unison and it carried me to a PB at the halfway mark. Shame about the second half!

So I’ll be looking for a “team” aiming for 3:59 this time…everyone is welcome, @FatPom :slight_smile: :wink:


Enjoyed Brighton. Pretty decent event. Pretty grim around 35 km running around that timber yard though

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Definitely true. I’ve known some people to make quite significant leaps when they have the luxury to be paced at marathon distance. There’s a guy from my club also doing Malaga. I need to check in with him on what his plans are. He ran 3:20 at IM Wales, so I reckon he must also be aiming for something in or around 2:50-3:00, as his powerof10 doesnt show a standalone marathon before, so I’m guessing sub3 might also be his aim

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Hey Joex, that sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

I’ve done 3 stand alones in the last two years but two were at Tenby LCW , 5.15 and a 4.24 and the other was a trail marathon with 800mtrs vert in 4.11

I think some hard work could see me at around 3.52 but that will be a big ask at Brighton. Happy to pull the trigger and see what happens though! :+1:


It’s worse when you’re walking… :grimacing:

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My hamstring said no in a big way around that point. Strong headwind back to the finish too :sob:

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Completely agree - teamwork makes the dreamwork. Can’t leave it at 4:01 @bluepoolshark !

Now googling the date of the Brighton marathon… I am doing the Guildford 12 mile swim that weekend. Phew! :sunglasses:

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I know I can’t, especially when my garmin had me complete marathon distance in 3:57, but the official result was 4.01! :roll_eyes:

Oh… :roll_eyes:

I know someone who ran the Belfast Marathon this year in 3:00:40…


Well that’s the first “long” run done…7.1 km, 47mins, +111m, Graded Average Pace: 6:28/km

If only race pace was that easy.

Come on @bluepoolshark, and @amanda do the swim first, bike across from Guildford to the Brighton start line and you’ve got yourself a cheap Ironman :slight_smile:


Would you believe, I actually checked out the mileage! Only around 40 miles to cycle Guildford to Brighton so not far enough to interest me. :sweat_smile:

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After posting in here on Sept 25th I came off my bike and banged my knee up pretty bad so only just starting to run again.

Proper mara plan starts in 3 weeks which will be supplemented by a TrainerRoad plan and some swimming, with 1-2 strength classes at the gym per week before my commute to work.


Ah, I thought I recognised the username over there :+1:

I’ve been doing the maths and figure I need to start building my run now, fairly slowly. Squats are starting to really impact my legs, but at least so far it’s not affecting my run and bike sessions, only my desire to do them.

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Yep. You have quite a crew together over there! :smile:

I’ve been doing a 30 min class at the gym with legs, arms, back, core and a few sprints. Twice a week. It still leaves my time for a short swim then bike to work.

Gonna be tough to balance the training but I’ve got a marathon plan for the long runs that I will stick to and mix my 5.7 mile commute with run/bike.


I could cycle from Lowestoft for a nice 178 miles! Really not sure i’d fancy a marathon after that! :grinning:


Can I join…looking to sign up for a Spring marathon but something fairly low key. A few ex club mates are doing Boston, Lincs so that’s favourite.
My running has gradually got worse over the last four years whilst I’ve been chasing IM improvement so I’d like to get back on it. I think 3.40 is a sensible aim and looking to get going soon after a couple of weeks rest that I’m enjoying (probably too much actually).
I expect a 16 week plan to be about right for me.


…Do you have a pair of shoes?

You’re in! :+1:


Sounds like a fast course would be comfortably sub-4 then; assuming same fitness levels.