Sub-4 Marathon thread

Just me then(!)




No, fair game. In an Ironman right? :crazy_face:

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I reckon it’s not impossible for me these days. I’ve had a 4:11 trail with 800mtrs and a 4:24 at Tenby LCW last year.

I ran the Bramley 20miler (32km) at a pace of 4:25/km, if (big if) I could have done that for another 10km it would be 3:52:xx.
Wouldn’t mind giving a late season road marathon a crack at sub 4.00

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A 4:25/km marathon is around 3h5m

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Yep 5:30/km for a 3:52

Go for it!

My run is improving, I’ll see how this year goes long course, maybe try a spring marathon again.

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Yeah sorry mate, total typo on my part. I meant 5.25/km, clearly if you’ve ever seen me run, you’d know the error was genuine! :rofl:

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I agree with what others have said, go for it, you may be surprised what you can do. 5:25/km is still a great Marathon pace that would probably put you into the top 3rd in most races

Yep. Anything other than the city marathons, and sub-4 will see you finish well up. In the 80s it was slightly different!

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3.45 in the late 80s, it was a mop cannon fodder time back then.

So much choice nowadays!

Mmm. Crop tops for men.