Sub 7 IM Project

It would almost be more exciting if they missed it by a small amount, and then refined the approach and went back for another go, a bit like breaking 2 did…

I can see a sub 7 with a large bike pack to drag them along, and then a paced 2:40 marathon… but it would be very tight… and possibly quite exciting!


What about if they did like the kipchoge run, sort of surround him with fast swimmers to carry him rather than just one or two to follow - make much difference?

He went 46:07 at Kona on the training day swim or whatever it’s called so at least 45 is within reach.

I guess the issue here will be how much £ and pull does this foundation have? Much less than Nike i’m guessing, so may be difficult to craft the perfect team.

With the sub 2 hours it was Nike and only Nike to please/show-off their kit, not sure how the three disciplines with all the odds ‘n’ sods would fit together sponsor-wise

Danger worries aside, a peloton riding TT bikes surely even faster…? Even if the gains are more marginal.

I think the logistics of it are huge. This could end-up like the Collins Cup!

Yeah, not criticising him but you want someone who is going to be fairly patient for this dont you rather than someone taking turns at pulling the peloton.

Maybe we need a sponsor, with an owner who loves triathlon, who led the sponsorship for breaking 2, and coincidentally has a big bike team, like, I dunno… Ineos maybe? :joy:


Drafting behind Ben Ainslie in his big cat for the swim! haha


I wonder how fast Lucy’s swim could go…

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Yes; although I think by Spring 2022, Ineos will be occupied with cycle racing with most of their good riders.

For me, it’s getting him to the run, in shape to run sub 2:30. It could very much go either way with it being AB :sweat_smile:

Anyway, if I were a betting man, I would put money against sub-7; with a side bet on it not happening at all… a la Collins Cup.

Unless Sir Jim decides to bankroll it…

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Just thinking aloud here, but it could have a distinctly positive impact on PR/marketability, to have a group of perhaps G, Tao and Bernal for example, pacing Ali Brownlee on the attempt… put Farah as one of the pacers on the run, and you’ve got a piece that could make the news.

Interesting piece on their (Pho3nix) website:

swim draft is minimal, its not like the person in front is doing a Moses. There is a gain, but not enough to make huge differences like cycling for instance

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Yes, I was thinking that he’d still have to be working ‘hard’ in the swim; you can’t really change the properties of water in this case.

I’ve always wanted to do some form of study into how it affects the swimmers drafting and the “draftee” also but without swimming “power meters” or some other tech to guarantee like for like testing its virtually impossible to gain any meaningful results from it. It seems easier when drafting but you cant quantify it. I wonder if it affects body position , the power you put out due to the air in the water that you are catching, if you create drag for the swimmer in front essentially slowing yourself down also.


just seen on twitter that it’s going to be a smackdown challenge

Brownlee v Blumennfelt

Spirig v LCB


Interesting reading through everyone’s comments.

Maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but surely Ali isn’t the right choice (I LOVED the point about countering off the front with Johnny).

As Challenge Daytona showed us, his run is slightly fragile. Surely you want a pure runner, that can have an armchair ride on the swim and bike?


That would seem to preclude optimising draft and aerodynamics so I’m less confident of success.

Maybe more fun though.:slightly_smiling_face: