Sub 75 half

haha yeah, it’s like a parallel universe!

As I’m sure you know I had a bit of a struggle to get to the sub-75!!!

Biggest thing for me was consistent efforts at threshold pace. Started with 4x6mins at HMP, built all the way to 3x30mins.

Physically I think you’re very capable and can cope with the high mileage, so reckon this is where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.


Find a race with solid depth. I did Cardiff Half in 2018 and it was Commonwealth Champs. My 73:47 had me 76th overall. I ran 11-12 miles in a pack before we started splintering. Really helped with pacing.

As Sam said, long intervals are key - 1k, 3k, 5k, etc - all off short recoveries.


2010 was probably the best year for a sub-75 :wink:

I’d agree with @grifter here, @gingerbongo.
I’ve not been under 80 yet, but the half I did last year had 80 minute pacers and I ran the whole thing in a pack, chatting. It was super awesome and made things really “easy”

Also, from what @trisam says, looks like you’re going to have to stomach those tempo sessions!

Yep, it’s gonna be swallow the stuff you hate this year.

@grifter I did look at Cardiff, it’s on the maybe list. Current top is Swansea. Date works well, not too far away and I lived there for 4 years when I was at uni, so has a homecoming feel. May also tie it in with a couple of days camping on the Gower. Only thing is the field, surprisingly, doesn’t look that deep.

I’ve got a backup in Sept/Oct (can’t remember) which is a little localish one - Bridgwater. My friend is available for that and has offered to pace me. @trisam will know him well as he paced Sam to an agonising 75 flat a few years ago at Eton Dorney. I had already faded a long time ago.

Last, last min option is Gosport in Nov. Always gets a deep field (last Champs spot weekend before entries open for London), but as its November and on a seafront it’s hit or miss on the wind.


In which case, I doubt you were working hard enough! :wink:
For a HM, I can be approaching the limit fairly early on and hang on. That was the major issue I had with marathons … that’s just not a viable strategy beyond a half.

As for the topic of the thread, I really can’t see 3:30’s for 21k ever being realistic. That’s such a big jump when in my peak fitness, I’ve not done that for a 10k. I think it really would have to be the result of a concentrated effort on run only, and I’m not sure I want to go there. Having now gone under 80 for a half and under 2:50 for a full, the “easy” pb’s and timing landmarks have now largely all gone.


Yep, problem over here is that no race has any depth!, but on the plus side I can run a tight line through all the corners.

Tempo/intervals are always my problem, but I am getting better at stomaching them.

This is the rough plan (unless I get injured)

I am currently also trialing a bit of HADD style training and running to a certain HR for a while. Currently I am at 145 & 150 for these 2 efforts, the theory is I am going to slowly push these numbers up until I am at 160/165 and low and behold they are at Tempo! Everything else is around 130 other than running uphill when I let it drift up a bit.

In 2 or so weeks I have a big ultra, up to then I am easily ignoring any intervals. the 5k race/PR I run I am holding back a bit, thus building base right! This is all with high mileage.
Then I have back to back marathons in around another 8 weeks. I will keep with the above but will probably push the 5kers a bit more and continue to ignore intervals. I will race at least 1 of the 2.
Then onto A race which is a marathon in July, Depending on where I am at with the harder HR running, I am likely to introduce some intervals and drop one of the higher HR runs.
After that a bit of a rest!

Then ramp up again with the half as my goal, but really focus of those miserable looking tempo runs, hopefully progressing as TS did. However I also need to work on my hill running so I can maintain a good pace uphill, however that is where the injury danger really hits (yes I know I should be doing calf raises!). This is also the main Road running season over here so there will be a bunch of 10ks thrown in. Another marathon as well, but I will likely train through all of them.


Sounds like a busy season @YKK! I’ll be watching with interest!!

You’ve got me thinking now Grifter. 75 dead would get you 10th in Swansea, but 66th last year at Cardiff.

October race means less chance of heat compared with June. I’ve finally admitted i’m a bit rubbish in the heat.

October gives me more time to prepare, but only gives me one real shot. Though i guess i could race another one in Nov in Gosport, but i’d probably not want to.

Also i’ve got no company for Swansea, whereas have some mates that would potenitally join me in having a crack in Oct.


Didn’t realise it was so big either. 20,000 racers!!! I knew it was a decent sized one, but i was thinking more like 5k!!

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Scrap that … it’s sold out. Unless i suck up a ‘double race ticket’ i.e. it’s one ticket for newport mara and cardiff half.

Makes it pretty expensive at £70 for a half!! But better than raising £300 for charity.

Hmm … what to do.

Run a Marathon as well :grinning:


haha!! i think it’s in March. Sure it’s the one @FatPom is doing.

Don’t think i’ll be in mara shape by then … nor do i particularly feel the need to go visiting Newport!!! :rofl: (certainly not that Newport anyway … the one in Pembs where i grew up is nice)

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Yep, I’m doing Newport but it’s in April (19th). come on over, you can go and get the car ready whilst I’m still out there :laughing:

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Guess it depends how much the <75 means. I can certainly see that fellow fast runners is quite possibly the difference when it really matters. £70 is a lot, but if it’s a weekend away with mates, plus the best shot of the target time, an extra £30 or so could easily be worth the premium.

Less than a pound per minute.
About the same price as a sprint triathlon :wink:


Manchester later in the year, poet can run with you!

You need to slow down to get more value. I’m around 80p per minute for a sprint tri.


I’m out!

£70 to run around that area was too much for me to stomach.
Not exactly scenic around there

Too far away as well. I’ve exceeded my ‘up North’ allowance for this 5 year block :wink:

i can up and down to the diff or S’sea in a couple of hours.

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Manchester is south :rofl: