Swimming for Hammers and Spoons

Sh!t! I’d forgot about that :see_no_evil::rofl:
Mine is coming out at 0615 on Monday.
I’ve got 4 days booked next week - just gonna do 1-1.2km each day to get used to it again…

…which reminded me, it’s time to soak them back to life! The Huub is not in a good way :scream::sob:


28:20 for the 1500m not a bad starting place. A long way to go to 25 in the next few months though :laughing:


not bad, and the lido is a slow pool with the shallow depth from half way, add LCM into it also. You’ll be much quicker at Walnuts

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Seems to be hour long slots at Nuffield Colliers Wood :tada::tada:. Booked Monday to Thursday at midday next week :heart_eyes:.

Going to start short and build. Jumping straight into OW last year, and doing 60mins continuous after months of no swimming, ingrained some pretty poor habits I think that took quite a while to shake.


Booked for Tuesday and Friday morning. Lifeguard on standby.


First OW swim this morning. OMFG it was cold!
Going to have to get a neoprene swim hat - debilitating ice-cream head.


DL opens Monday.
No booking.
Will be there when the club opens at 6


Our local DL has had the outdoor pool open and some outdoor classes for the last couple of weeks.

Yeah, same for mine, but the outdoor pool is 20m, only has one (not even a full) lane and then rest is old people doing head up breast stroke.

Waiting to see what @funkster has done,
But I went nice and short and nice and simple.

I’m 100% certain my shoulders will be thanking me at 2pm :rofl::rofl::rofl:

15 * 100m

Exuberant opening of 1:21
Followed by some shoulder burning 1:28-1:31
Had to recover at 900m with some stroking of the breast for a 1:43
Then back to 1:27-1:32, apart from one length of admin when some slow swimming came in and started flapping, then a cool down 100m

Think that’ll do for another three months :rofl:


Think I’d struggle to hit 2.00/100m!

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Unlike @Poet I have to work hard at swimming

Slow. Slow is what I’d did.
Pool was like a bath and poolside was like a sauna

10 x 100m off 1:45 - mostly 1:36

5 x 200m catch up with fins

1000m pull and paddles


So was our pool - showers were colder.
Not sure I’d want to do more than 30 minutes.

And…I did work hard at swimming…once upon a time.
I’m still reaping the benefits of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love paddles, but will be avoiding them for a while, as my shoulders are already screaming, so don’t want to add that extra stress.

Easy one tomorrow, get used to the pull buoy again.

Full pool today at 6:15, so fins will have to stay packed away for a little while longer (technically, they’re “banned”, but were okay Nov/Dec as there were only two people to a Lane!)

Here’s a bit of mine, with the death lap highlighted :rofl::see_no_evil:

So true. I had to walk out with sweat still gushing from my forehead into the snow just to cool down.

For some reason they haven’t filled the pool up fully, so the shallow end was really shallow. I swear they swapped the lane signs after I started and the Fast Lane became the Slow lane which was funny…well to me anyway as I startled the geriatrics.

First swim of the year in the lido this morning, and it’s snowing!!! Quite nice in the water, but my feet and hands were frozen within 2 minutes of getting out. Not swim fit at all.


Dunno if suitable thread… but;
Is it correct that club pool swim sessions cant start until the May date? But public sessions are open now?
Or has anyone got club sessions starting and ours have got duff info?

Our club aren’t starting sessions until May. They’ve said you can go and use the pool as an individual (as a paying member of the public) in those same slots until then.


Ok I’d be fine with that - I just cant swim with “the public” - it doesnt end well :triumph: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


yep only indoor U18 sessions from today, no masters. pools are open though for adults in public sessions

Theres some logic here I’m missing - right??
So I can go to the pool for hours each day and mix with different people… but I cant mix with the same people for 2 hours a week.