Talk to me about multitools

Looking for something the kids can get me for father’s day. So 25 quid max.

Anyone got any particular recommendations?

I think I’m going to get this saddle bag, via a mate, so it would need to fit in this.

I can recommend this one.

Got all you need, good quality and slim so fits nice in your pocket or saddle bag.

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I’ve got a Topeak Alien II, it’s a bit bulky but includes tyre levers and I reckon you could build a bike with one at a push.
They’re £35/40 in UK shops but about £25 direct from Taiwan on eBay.

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Specialized do some good compact lightweight ones, depends how many tools you want. I have the EMT Road Pro; weighs almost nothing.

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This is what I carry on the MTB and bang on budget

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I know it doesn’t have a chain tool but I have one of these for each bike and have never been found wanting out on the road.

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I’ve been using the Planet X basic one for years, usually £5. Has chain splitter as well which was only specific requirement I had.

Mine’s finally starting to rust now but it must be 7-8 years old and never leaves the saddle bag so fair play.

Edit: Oh the inflation, £8 now (and sold out) -

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I do like the look of that Crank Bros tool. Their stuff is well made, reviews are good & the clincher for me would be that wee plastic case it comes with.

You’ve got a brand new bike, right?
I’m betting it doesn’t have one Philips or flat head screw on there, take a look and see what you actually need.
I carry three Allen keys for the following, which covers every bolt on my bike:

5mm Allen Key:
Saddle rail bolts
Internal seatpost bolt
Crank arm bolts

4mm Allen Key:
Bottle Cage bolts
Stem bolts (steerer tube, headset and bars)
Brake cable bolts
Brake shoe bolts

2mm Allen Key:
Brake pad bolts
Brake modulation bolts
High/Low Limit Screw bolts

Lezyne Caddy Sack (M) in left rear jersey pocket.
Phone in right jersey pocket (balances the weight out)
Stowaway jackets and/or food in centre pocket.

Pump is also CO2 adapter
Glue and patches just in case it’s an awful ride
Tyre levers
Pedros Chain Tool Splitter (with spoke keys)
Red taped card is 10/11sp quick links
Black masking tape package is spare inner tube valves
Nitrile gloves
Inner tube


Good post.

I would add a T25 torx bit for his hyd brakes & a patch of toothpaste tube in case of a tyre split.

(Also add, 99% of the time I’m a mini morph on the frame fella, rarely carry CO2)


Cheers, forgot he had discs :see_no_evil:

I’ve got some taped milk carton in various sizes in my phone case for tyre boots.
I used to use a fiver, but rarely carry cash now that everywhere seems to do contactless…even in The Peaks :scream:

CO2 is mainly to stop people waiting at the side of the road if it’s cold, much quicker to get up to pressure with one of them.

Great how-to-do-it post, might have to bookmark.

Maybe I’m pushing my luck but I don’t ride with a chain tool. Never had a chain break and would not be confident to fix it on the road. Having said this, bet my chain breaks next ride.

So my kit:

The hex keys
Spare tube
Tyre levers X 3
Puncture repair kit in case of 2nd flat
Mobile phone
£10 note

I store it in a bidon in 2nd bottle cage, with a mini pump frame mounted. This allows easy transfer between bikes and keeps it all good to go. If doing a long ride… whats one of those… I put it in jersey pocket like Poet so can have 2 water bottles.

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And good memory on the discs!

This is all good stuff, thanks people. I had popped the crank bros link over to Mrs GB. But now it’s for me thinking.

Though having it all in one ‘place’ does appeal, even if I don’t need all the tools. It’d probs come in handy for some other reason.

I’ve got 2x of the Crank Bros multi tools (had one for each bike) but I’ve replaced using them with the probiketool one I linked above after I tried a friend’s. In comparison the Crank Bros one is more bulky and heavier and it is much more difficult to index the tools (I tried greasing the pin and setting the tension, also has the screws come loose). The probiketool one comes in a wallet and as it’s slim it’s nicer to have in your jersey pocket or fit up to the tube in your saddle bag.

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It’s to make a temporary repair if you split your tyre. Some people use (folding) cash, toothpaste tubes or you can buy pukka Park Tool patches.

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Yeah, bidon for shorter rides (up to three hours)
I’ve a Pro one which is okay.

For longer rides (over 4.5hrs) I do use a saddle bag, as my wife doesn’t drive and I need to be 100% self sufficient.

In all of my years of riding, I’ve only been rescued once, which was last Easter bank holiday after a double tub puncture (Vittoria fixed the first, spare tub for the second), then a snapped valve (which is why I now carry a couple of spares)

I snapped my chain at the Belvoir triathlon circa 2010, so always carry a link and tool now.
However, that was probably down to me not installing a new chain correctly :see_no_evil:

Proper maintenance prevents so so many on road disasters (hence my disdain of dirty, unkept bikes)

Toothpaste tube/milk cartons/fivers are for sidewall blowouts - again, usually down to being cheap and not replacing tyres, or tyres rubbing on the frame due to buckled wheel etc.
Rarely a manufacturers fault.

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Yeah exactly this. The small multi tools do have some things you don’t need but putting all the essentials in a bag separately makes no sense to me, you’re just digging around for whet you need.

The only time I separate it is on the TT bike for IM. I take two Allen keys, two co2 and a tube, levers, inflator and valve extender on one of the Vitorria split bottle thingies (goes BTS).

I often use a spares bottle on the road bike. (Mum Off one) and use some duct tape to fix a spare link on the in the inside of the screw cap. The tape can double as a tyre boot.

That was always an advantage of living in Oz, we’ve had plastic notes for nearly 30 yrs!

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I have also only ever had one game-over mechanical.

Long ride, was just riding into Bath about 35 miles away when one of my tyres had a spectacular blow out . It was as you say due to me being lazy/cheap and not replacing the tyre which was a 650 on my old TT bike, back when they were still just about a thing. There was a hole like a shark bite, completely unrideable, no amount of fivers or toothpaste tubes would have fixed it.

I managed to push the bike as far as a specialist tri shop who I won’t name but the first word rhymes with scrotal. They basically said no-one rides 650s any more, can’t help you.

So I caught a train home which involved 2 changes and a walk. Luckily I had taken a wallet