The alternative rant thread - I LOVE


Neither of my children like fruit cake type stuff, or my brother growing up. Plain weird if you ask me. Now if I can just have my wife go-off it too :yum::yum:

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Brandy butter for me!

Not tried that; but I guess like the cream, it basically just melts anyway! Last night was just some cheap Lidl ÂŁ1.79 stuff, but even that tasted sublime tbh.

We have a homemade one ready for Christmas Day, a cake that’s being fed with cream sherry :ok_hand:

Where’s the mince pie thread?

I ate it :pie:


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I love my mum even though she can be a bit stuck in her ways, and I really love her coming to stay with me at Christmas.

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I have eaten Christmas pudding every day in Dec so far.

Sounds like a challenge :crazy_face:


My Favourite thing - Bacon Jam.

I love how this song is still effin’ brilliant all these years later. Little One loves it :sunglasses:

I have that on my phone playlist (live); strangely it’s the only Iron Maiden on there.

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…coming back to the office after a massive Christmas lunch at the local pub. Guy next to me just staring down at his phone, me listening to this on my phone … and you just don’t care anymore :upside_down_face:
(2004…what a year :star_struck:)

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Before Fabio Wibmer, there was Simon O’Brien.

I am a hypocrite as I am not pagan or Christian but…

December when I get visitors,family, friends, just one long pissup.

Spiced rum in coffee, champers/ fizz, beers, mulled wine then more beers.

Well it’s my culture.

A flushing toilet - amazing how much you take it for granted

Full length mudguards.

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Driving home from work on a Friday night…

had a few pints of this on Friday in one of Hastings’ micropubs, the Jolly Fisherman -

can recommend both highly.

Or one that isn’t just a glorified shower tray with a big hole :sweat_smile: I actually came across one of those in Italy only 10 years ago; Italy ffs!