The alternative rant thread - I LOVE

Mate took his to Giant and ended up with a £400 bill for bits and pieces. All ‘necessary’


All I’d want is the chainset and I’d do it myself. I’ll be telling them to FRO if they try that :joy:

Does your mate buy a lot of bridges? :grin:

He took the bike back from them and ordered parts elsewhere. Paying them labour but they had to send his crank off. Not sure if it was showing signs of delamination.


I’m not sure we ‘love it’ as I’m pretty sure we’ll miss her like crazy but LO has her first residential today. Two nights away in the New Forest (the place is very cold apparently!)

We’ve only been without her for two separate nights. One a sleepover and the other was camping at school.

Some of the kids are a bit anxious and her teacher asked them yesterday to write their worries down and put it in the mouth of the ‘worry monster’. LO said she didn’t have any worries so stayed sitting down. :+1:

She must really hate us. :rofl:


She’ll have a great time mate….

…. And probably return home having about 2 hours combined sleep!


“No worries, mate!” - she’s a proper Aussie :roll_eyes::rofl:


Apparently some kids were crying and sticking to their parents like limpets and others couldn’t run to school fast enough. LO was in the latter group. :smile:

It’s absolutely miserable here though, so I’m not sure what they have planned but it will be wet!


Mine, has her year 4 residential next spring. Her and her mates have already planned exactly what they’re going to do, who’s sleeping next to who, how little sleep they plan on having etc etc etc

Trouble is we have no peace as the little one is still at home and will have lost her play mate! :joy:


LO has gone to Avon Tyrell. The ‘rulez’ are in bed and lights out by 9.00. I think they are in dorms of 4 each. LO is pretty good at doing the right thing but does like to be part of the crowd, so we’ll see.

She’s very ‘pastoral’ as well, so if other kids are upset, she’ll definitely want to make sure they are ok. No snacks allowed to be taken, strict instructions by the teachers. I wonder how much contraband will traded? :smile:


I assume they’re going to do their own edition the Enduroman Double IM there! :wink:


I did think that all the films I’ve seen of that place have been lovely summer races. I bet it looks different today! :smile:


Just found out about Will Aid on the MSE website, never hear of it before but it’s a good enough incentive to get ours done. Booked in with a local solicitor at the end of the month & we’ll be donating to Guide Dogs.


It’s how we found out about Will Aid a couple of years ago and organised our wills through it.

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My 3 kids also had their first residential in the New Forest at a really cold place, can’t remember the name - it maybe the same place, however I think that the new forest specialises in decrepit / cold locations

They all loved it


I came across this site today and I’m in love with this stuff.

Furniture made from Welsh wool and a bio-resin.

Shame about the price! :scream:

Couldn’t decide what to do for a day out …

… so we drove 136 miles to Whitby to surprise my parents … :heart_eyes::joy:

Bloody cold like!


I hope you had fish and chips :yum:


Yup, from Fusco’s.
Arm sized haddock, with chips and peas.
Then a bracing seaside walk watching the waves come over the pier.

Fantastic day.

Well worth the 5 hour return trip to see my parents faces as we peeked over the gate :heart_eyes::white_check_mark:


I’ve never been to Whitby. Is it Gothtastic ?

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