The alternative rant thread - I LOVE

They have at least one big goth festival every year, one was the other week, although I think they have a couple.

Nice little fishing town but a bit of a victim of it’s own success now as it’s difficult to get parked etc., the train is an option though.

Too many Teessiders descend on the place though :joy:


I’d love to see the look on your face if your parents paid you a surprise visit :smile:.


It started to get busier in 1996, with the return of the Endeavour replica. Every year it just gets busier …

… this was Goth weekend the other week :exploding_head:

@Doonhamer :face_with_peeking_eye::joy: we wouldn’t be in :wink:


I can see some bright colours in there. Are there gallows somewhere? :grin:

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It was poor planning by the council.

Half term was split, so it was the start for some regions, the last weekend for others. The weather was good for October. And it was Goth Weekend.

I grew up there, hated it at the time, looking back now, and speaking to my peers, makes me appreciate just what an awesome time I had growing up there.

It’s lovely to go back now, but I couldn’t live there / it’s so cut off from everything.

It’s probably really similar to where you go. Just more northerners and ruffians from Teesside :joy:


And Scarbados :rofl:


you know that moment when you open the store cupboard and see something in front of you and you go “ooh - I just fancy one of them” for no good reason??

pickled onion


was quite nice


Maybe this is for the over 80’s thread!

Was talking to some old bloke in the car next to me after my run this morning, turns out he’s 86, did 30 years in the fire brigade then started a powder coating company with a friend and worked until 80! Still has 2 acres of land with his bungalow.

Does press-ups every morning and sit-ups every evening, got a cross trainer in the garage and goes walking with his collie every day and tries running.

Had both knees replaced in 2021. He was probably fitter than >95% of the population.

His secret, he exercises :slight_smile:

Quite motivational really.


probably fitter than 99.99% of the population of 86 year olds


hope this brightens up your day. these kids are amazing.


Been a while since I posted in here :slight_smile:

My youngest just won, with her troupe, the judges choice award, at a regional dance and singing competition. There a lot of talent amongst these girls, I watched a lot of the acts, not all (8hr show) pretty sure mine is the youngest and the ages categories stretch to 18+. She had a lead part in the dance too.

So sharing the love :heart:

If you’re ever worried about you flexibility, take up dance.


awesome :+1:


I have glasses with the right prescription after months of some bollocks I got off the internet

I can see!

It’s so weird.


My Xmas hamper from work has turned up and its actually pretty decent. John Lewis one. Bottle of red, bottle of prossecco, bottle of mulled wine, some nuts, chocolates, biscuits, shortbreads, popcorn.

Of course a Christmas pud and mince pies which I cant abide, could put them in the food donation box but people using those have suffered enough.


I’d chuck the prosecco in as well - can’t stand the stuff


Its not top of my list of things to drink, but beggars cant be choosers


Are work christmas hampers a thing then? I know our resident dairy queen gets one, but they’ve probably got date critical stock to shift. I got a shopping voucher in lieu of a christmas lunch in COVID times, but otherwise it has just been lunch on the last Friday and a few vouchers behind the bar.


Seems to be with the company that took us over. Dont remember ever having them in the past. I was joking on one of the other threads that last year the hamper went to everyone and was a bit rubbish, but this year it was only for people who didnt go to the Xmas party (which was rubbish apparently) and are actually decent


If they did that at our place, no-one would go to the christmas do. As it is they are not letting us start until 3pm this year, normally get the whole afternoon off!


My last place sent out hampers during Covid when Christmas parties weren’t allowed.

From a tax point of view, the company would potentially have a big tax gross-up to pay if they paid for a party and a hamper for every employee as they’d probably break the £150 annual allowance :man_shrugging: