The Beer Thread

Seems like a few of us have them, so I thought it might be interesting to start seeing what everyone’s got each day, and maybe some feedback on the more interesting/unusual ones that come up.

Day 1: Punk.


Whered you get en?

tried to get Mrs T to buy me one.- sold out on the Punk website :frowning:

Yeah, sold out a while back I’m afraid; I received mine as a gift, and was going to send one to my brother but they were all gone.

My wife got me mine a few weeks back. I got a punk today but turns out a couple of mates did get Sour ipa… which looks good (medic boy was winding me up ) ‘Lemon Soup’ was one description… :see_no_evil:

Looking forward to that one actually.

I’ve actually binned the box it came with. My wife was moaning that it took up too much room


But I can join in with a beer every day for 24 days right?


Im going to have to get dressed again and go and buy a beer…


Buy a big slab and and draw 24 boxes on it

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That’s not an advent calendar anymore.
The punk went down well. First drop of alcohol in 3 weeks


Yeah I’ve just drunk mine.

I’m now relying on you guys for what beer I should be drinking!

I also went out and bought myself a Reece’s pieces advent calendar :rofl:


Day 2: Jet Stream… not seen this one before.


My son has had two Curly Wurlys in a row so far :pensive:

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Sounds excellent. I love a curly wurly.

Nice. I actually bought a can of this on a flight back from Portugal last year. I think it was only available on BA flights

Looks good. I haven’t opened mine yet. I didn’t have time this morning as first drink in 3 weeks led to first hangover in 3 weeks. Moreish that booze…


How many days forward have you dipped?!

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No no no I would neeever do that…
There were a few things that came together for us to coincide with the end of lockdown which I’d always targeted as the end of my abstinence
So we raided the Xmas stash of Aldi champagne and I have a garage stash of pale ale already… so one of those too.
2 x 330ml cans of pale ale and half a bottle of champagne and I’m anyone’s…


Alas, he doesn’t!

Same for me today. Forgot about it being the BA exclusive one. I have seen it on flights, and I think maybe had one.

I’d assumed they were all the same, but this does indicate different configurations exist, which adds a bit more interest to this thread!

Sounds dangerous