The First Topic - Welcome!

Hi guys - Gus back in action!

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a bit quiet in here today… :slight_smile:

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Oooh - this looks nice and clean :smile:

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Whassup homies. Ah feck, Gus is here :joy:

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TT 2.0 is here. I need to invite Ron now.

Now, we’ll have no elitism here :laughing:

Phone chrome browsing so far so good.
Bit bland but sure it will get spiced up a bit.

I’ve come!

probably the 1st of many…:wink:

It’s about time I changed my training plan.

Hello, I’ve found my way across to/from the darkside, or is that reserved for IMJ?

Sup (need to add this to get to 10 characters)

Where the 4% thread?

Oh yes, hello!

Hello everyone. I’ve come (edit: realise I was already on this post) again!

Morning all

Morning. Not sure what to make of your Avatar; should I be saying ‘Morgen’? :grimacing:

Nein, Danke, it used to have flashing eyes on the old forum, can’t remember who it was created that for me though or where I stored it! there was a forumite who used to introduce some dynamism to avatars many many years ago.

Just arrived.