The Grand Round

A duathlon of sorts, John Kelly is having another go at his “grand round” - the big three British fell running rounds and cycling between them. He completed a 22 hour Paddy Buckley this morning and is now on the 180 mile bike leg to Keswick.


That’s just full mental isn’t it!

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OMG, wow :astonished:

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Presumably the John Kelly that won the winter Spine Race and finished the Barkley Marathons a year or two back? Is he UK based then?

On the A41 approaching Liverpool around rush hour. Kudos for that alone.


He was on @Rooster 's podcast just before his original attempt:

Yes, been living in Somerset for a year and a bit. Also broke the long standing Pennine Way record a month or so ago, only to have it broken again a week later.

Not that far from us then; I wonder if he’s run past our house whilst doing the Cotswold Way at some point.

Update: Bob Graham completed in 23:45 early this morning in pretty poor weather, few hours kip and now he’s just entered Scotland on his ride up to Fort William