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Worst case, you can put a dongle on an extension cable.

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Google says. 100 feet. My Bluetooth HRM stays connected anywhere in the house upstairs or down as far as I can get it. Distance won’t be an issue.

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I thought apple tv could only do BT? And only two BT connections at that?
DCR certainly talks about it like Doka as a “just works” solution, but it does have some drawbacks too from he’s said.

When I used a Surface, I had to use an ANT dongle to get the PM to register (on Zwift it seems to act as 2 connections watts & cadence), in addition to the Tickr HRM.

Just had a phishing email, quite a decent looking one to be fair, purporting to be from TV licensing. That’s not unusual in itself. Normally i hover or click over the ‘from’ element and it gives you their true email address hidden behind the display name. That’s normally the quickest giveaway from me (added to the fact that i immediately don’t trust any unexpected emails!).

When i tried to do that for this one though, they have made it look like it’s from myself. So my email address comes up as the sender. Firstly, how the heck have they managed that?!? And secondly, is this a sign of a wider, and more worrying, breach into my email account or some clever internet cocknockery?!

When i pull the plain text of the ‘Pay Here’ link they sent, it has an IP address registered to GoDaddy LLP which looks to be a general Internet Domain Registrar.

Any clues/insight from you IT pros out there?

I have had the same one and I was impressed at how good it looked. For some reason I always had it in my brain the the TV licence renewed in December, so when I got it in March I was confused as the email did look genuine. But then a couple of things stood out. It said we are including your email address as you know its genuine. Well that says nothing as you have emailed me. If you had included my postcode it would be more believable, but you havent because you dont know.

Anyway, spoofing a from / sender email is not hard so I would not worry about that.

I doubt you have been the victim of any wider breach. But as always the website will tell you if your details have been leaked.

Best advice if you are still worried is to change your password.


I’m not super worried, i had guessed that there’d be some slithery way of faking the from/sender email.

The thing that did it for me was the first paragraph said “… we cancelled your license…” and the second says “… we may be forced to cancel your license”.

So A for look and feel and C- for content from me!

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I have got a couple where the subject line is a password. It is one of the passwords I used about 10 years ago, nothing is using that now (I used to use numberplates of cars I owned).

Anyway it says it knows that is my password and it has access to my email and Facebook accounts and they have activated my webcam when I was watching porn and have videos of me pleasuring myself. If I don’t send them 2000 bitcoin they will send the video to my contacts.

Its complete gibberish of course. I dont have a webcam, :slight_smile:


I got another one if those sextortion emails yesterday, where they’ve gotten a password from a website with shit security. If I don’t pay them 2k Bitcoins they’ll post a video of me knocking one out :joy:

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if you check out the haveIbeenpwned website, I bet you’ll find your e-mail address will have come to some spammers attention due to breaches on various websites over the years, so there are huge repositories of data out there in spam land. many of these will have - hopefully - old passwords, so the phishing mails are using this info to send out loads of scams. the porn ones are very common and the 1st time you see it, you think beejeezus! just ignore them.

if you sign up for the havibeenpwned alerts, you’ll get notified of many breaches quicker than the websites who have been breached contact you so can change passwords quickly. another key is not to use the same password for lots of logins - using a password manager helps here as you can have unique ones for every site, all managed by the pwd manager. I use LastPass.

never heard of these before, i will look into them. Principle certainly sounds like a good idea.

there are a number around - I use Lastpass, but have also tried 1Password (which is recommended by haveibeenpwned website) but find LP a little easier to use. all your passwords are stored in cloud based vault which you need a unique password for that’s not associated with any other - even LP don’t store it so make it very memorable and unique. the vault is accessible via apps for mobiles and tablets, a stand alone program for a PC, and in browser extensions. once you’re logged in via the browser extension it will rememver any passwords you use, generate strong unique ones, update old ones and you can use autologin if you choose.

some tech nerds will say cloud based storage is still fraught with issues like breaches so they use fixed dongle systems, but I just find cloud based so much easier.

has anyone else noticed that during lockdown, they are getting many more smart phone app updates??

I have 35 updates on my iPhone this morning and I only ran an update check a couple of days ago,.

maybe developers have more time on their hands to update them??

Seeing a few, I think there’s a new version of IOS due very soon that they might have to do fixes for as well.

Also just been reading that it’s probably linked to a bug that is flagging apps as not being available to you.

And iOS 13.5 is now available.

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just downloading it

35 updates?

That doesnt sound right. You should just see 1 and the 13.5 to download.

Are you jailbroken?

not jailbroken - just installing 13.5 and was on latest version till now. I couldn’t believe it either as I run app updates every day but 35 was what it said. also had 23 on my iPad!

I’ve installed 13.5, it’s still working :grimacing: I think it’s supposed to fix the iOS mail security vulnerability.

also allows use of face masks on Face, plus plenty of security fixes although a jailbreaking exploit hasn’t been patched. various other bits and pieces

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