The Paddling/Watersports Thread

Depends on how much paddling they have to do (freedom of movement), how far offshore you are going and their water confidence. CO2 inflaters are good because they are very small and unobtrusive when not inflated, but if they are the manual pull-type you have to be conscious and rational to inflate them. Auto-inflaters possible, but a bit more expensive. Impact vests (foam) are very comfy, cheap and buoyant enough for most, but won’t keep an unconscious body face up. Like most summer sports gear, very cheap on eBay in the winter, expensive if you need right now. They will also grow out of them quickly, so the better quality stuff can retain more value on resale, making it a better buy than you first think.

I did consider an auto inflater for the youngest. May get one of those longer term over the winter if he’s game. He got very wet (my fault) mucking about river canoeing last year, and he got cold. So think that has tempered his enthusiasm for paddling, so I need to get him back to being positive about it again.

Finally got my own watercraft :ok_hand:


Rookie error, you’re doing the paddling!

Only way to avoid going in circles! Daughter had ‘half’ a paddle to start, but ended-up steering the boat with it.

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Surely that’s a whole paddle? You just need to kneel…

Don’t go there :sweat_smile:

Hi guys, talking about paddling - we’ve just opened our lovely Caversham Lakes near Reading, Berkshire. And there’s a 50% discount code for booking SUPs (CARPEDIEM50).

Thought it could be of interest :slight_smile: