The Pies have it, The Pies have it

Good evening people, it’s been a long time since I posted on here, too long in fact. A lot of things have happened and we are all a lot older, but with a bit of luck the old TT spirit lives on… hopefully some of my old pals are still around on here?


There’s a lot less biff on here now; certainly if you ignore the political thread(s) and stick to sports (which he doesn’t post about :wink:)

welcome back. Do you like the new format?

welcome back :smiley:

And here was me thinking this was going to be a thread about Christmas mince pies. :roll_eyes:

Wiganer - Good to hear from you Martin. :sunglasses:

I’ve only recently got back into something vaguely resembling training, so don’t post much here these days.
( Well apart from on threads about cars, motorcycles & the NFL. :wink: )

Take care, Paul. :slight_smile:

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