The post event positivity thread

OK, I’m getting more and more frustrated with this site and every single fucking thread being taken over by a mix of DM doom and gloom and those are next level Mumsnet neurotic. I’'m done with it, you have your ‘you know what thread’ keep that shit in there.

So with that in mind, this is the positivity thread. I was thinking about this running this morning. When things go bak to relative normal (whenever that is) what are you going to do differently or resolve to change?

I was already heading this way but for me:

Keep fit but be less about time and more about experience.
Enjoy the view more, especially trail running.
Get into gravel/bike packing.
Spend more time in the ocean with Little One.
Make sure I reduce the amount of ‘wasted’ hours in the day
More trail walking as a family.


I’m looking forward to driving to Cornwall. To the Port William pub overlooking Trebarwith Strand beach (don’t order food it’s crap) and enjoying a pint whilst watching the sunset over the north Cornish coastline

Yes. I am looking forward to getting healthy again without the pressure of an event. Probably wont plan anything for the rest of the year.

Then when it is over focus on doing experiences, the stuff I keep talking about and never doing. But wont be having them as my main focus. Focus keeping fit as part of my daily routine, rather than be focusing on an event in the future and training around that. Not sure that makes sense, but the events being something I do to enjoy, not something that pressures me into training.

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The romantic in me thinks the next undefined period will be shocking, but after that there will be some really positive changes
The last couple of years has been awful - the rise of the right wing hardman on the world stage, the declining standards of our leaders, the way we are abusing the planet. Your hear Trump speak about this and you despair…
Its like the planet has said enough of this shit; if you won’t look after me I will do it myself. There are some pretty striking images of air quality around Northern Italy improving; they expect fish to return to Venice as no cruise liners polluting.

Maybe, just maybe, we can see that hurtling through life at 100 mph is not good for us


Did one of my favourite routes this morning, 10km trail run with a climb up onto the ridge of the Worcestershire Way. Had to walk the climb as hamstring still a bit sore but the views from the top, and the gradual trail through the woods back down make it worthwhile.
That climb is my version of the steps in Rocky🥵


Teaching my kids to ‘work’ well together, and learn to become more independent in their everyday lives. We already get outside a lot anyway.

Could you avoid alluding to ‘that’ though, as otherwise you’re just inviting reference to it :man_facepalming: Maybe you could ignore the parts of the Internet that are annoying you :blush: I certainly need to step away from my phone and go for a walk with the kids.

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Buying local rather than relying on the supermarkets. Making a concerted effort to support the little man’.


No, exactly the opposite because if I didn’t make it clear, it just gets infected like all the other threads from folks that just seem to be unable to stop themselves. I’m not inviting it here, I’m actively prohibiting it.

This is the part of the internet I’m thinking of avoiding. I wanted a thread that’s a ‘safe space’, so let’s keep it that way.

I’ve been doing a bit of this for a few years anyway, I feel slightly guilty about the air travel but I don’t do it excessively and when I get to mainland Europe I travel between cities on the train or bus, and partly on the couple of trips I have done and was going to do in America. I’d say I offset my carbon footprint by not having kids, I try to recycle and be green in other ways as well.

So, looking forward to getting back to my European capitals challenge, been to about 32 so far.

Also got a few things to do in the UK like Cape Wrath.

And also been going to some local gigs in the last 12-18 months, TBH I’m a bit frustrated that I’d missed all this entertainment going on locally for the last few years but a friend from work was telling me about them and I’ve been going.


It’s funny you mentioned gigs. I played in a band for a few years and have always considered myself ‘into music’ but can’t even remember the last gig I went to. I was annoyed at missing out on Rammstein tickets.

One of the first dates Mrs FP and I went on was TOOL gig.

Definitely on the list of things to back to.

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Hoping Tool will make a return to the UK at some point. I missed them last time (10000 days tour).

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Saw them twice in Sydney. Undertow and 10,000days tour.

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Up River have an album by that name (modern UK hardcore)

I’ll probably vanish off the face of the TriTalk for three to five years again, got 2,000sq ft to renovate :sob::sob::sob:

Undertow was TOOL’s first album circa 1994 IIRC

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FP, I’m not even talking about the big well know groups, we’ve got a few local\small indie venues that do allsorts from up & coming groups, cover bands, some people you might have heard of (Hooky) which has been going on for a long time when people are moaning there’s nothing to do around here. They just aren’t looking hard enough.

There are a few bigger groups I’d like to see as well which will involve travelling most likely, when things start up again.


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My wife says I need to get into current music; do I really, for the sake of it? There’s music in the last 5 years that I like, but always find there’s generally only one or two songs from each band that I like.

Has anyone done one of the Online museum tours? I love geography and maps, so need to get back on Google Earth on the laptop. I now wish we had a big map of the world so I could bore the kids with it😄 I could get my daughter to research a new country each day and give me 5 facts about it. I guess I can order one of the web.


The only new music I’m exposed to these days is if I hear it on Kerrang Radio. The only CD I remember buying in the last 5-6yrs is one by ‘Sunset Sons’ from Cornwall. (Aussie bass player).

Mrs FP and I are currently watching this film on the big TV, having a coffee and talking about all the trips we’ve done and the ones we need to do. I’ve always been nomadic, hate the thought of suburbia, even though I live in it. Somewhere along the line, I’m just wired different.

I love this film, motorbikes, travelling, music and surfing. All life’s good things :slight_smile:

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Love this idea - the other thread was causing me to stay away from TriTalk.

I’m aiming to come out of this a better person than before it started. A few new skills, a new hobby maybe, and stronger family connections. Not sure exactly what yet, but always looking for the positive.


I have Duran Duran & Public Enemy CDs in the car, plus early 00s dance music. Eclectic at least.

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Not for the sake of it, no.
What does you wife listen to that’s new?
What have you heard that’s new?

I’m enjoying Aitch at the minute.
He’s a little scally from North Manchester who does take himself seriously and his lyrics are witty. With a nice tune, too.
Not suitable for kids like.