There’s going to be no brexit deal

deal or no deal
  • Yep, its a dead cert…
  • nope… we’re on a WTO bandwagon…

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What is a deal? :joy:

Don’t have a £&*(()’” clue.

Any deal is likely going to be thin and of more use politically than anything else.

Oh I forgot it’s “over ready” and “there is no downside only considerable upside.”

This just seems to be like stage managed, Boris the man, who either statesman like walks away from a bad deal or announces his success.

now, that’s a big question!

I genuinely can’t make my mind up if this is Johnson setting himself up to be the saviour of the country who’s magnificence pulls an unlikely deal out of the bag, or they are simply so far apart that no agreement can be reached.


Plenty of time to reach a deal. They’ve done 95% of it, the easy stuff, now it’s just a game of chicken over the 3 outstanding issues. Anyone who thought a deal would be clinched before the last minute (and this is not yet last minute) is extremely naive. I’d bet on a walkout or two as well, before the final deal. The EU is a professional beaurocracy and very good at negotiations.

In fact I’m wondering if they’ll go into January, nothing says they can’t strike a deal after a few days of no deal - if I was on the EU side I’d probably go down that route (and ensure there’s a fair bit of disruption at ports etc), just to ratchet up the pressure.


Really? I have no idea what “the deal” is these days, I gave up caring what seems like many years ago. Sounds like it’s in the bag!

FOUR YEARS they’ve been at this. Useless twsts on both sides. Both sides full of hubris; but the buffoons on our side only have ONE country to please ffs.

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No, they’ve been negotiating a trade deal/future relationship for 11 months, the rest of it was the withdrawal agreement etc.

Doing a trade deal from scratch 11 months is actually very quick (EU/Canada took 7 years) - easier for UK/EU as we’re effectively already trading already but there’s the ‘future relationship’ which is what they’re stuck on. It was always going to the last hours of whatever the deadline was, anything else would been negligence from whichever party signed up early without extracting every possible concession.


That is brilliant :joy:

But, erm not actually that funny :frowning:

Negligence? Or good forward planning?

All this screw you, me first, in international affairs just does more harm than good. Sure each side has a responsibility to get the best deal for their people, but all this politicing to look good to audiences well, is not exactly evolved behaviour. It might make good news, keep people on the edge and show leaders to be magnificent, but really is this the pinacle of human evolution?

Still it is what it is.

It s like a divorce…the money earners (solicitors) know exactly where this is going to land but prolong and procrastinate. Ratchet up the hours and let’s all meet for a glass of bubbly in the bar!


English sparkling I’m assuming?!

Barnier and Frost going rock-paper-scissors on the remaining issues?

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more like Boris and Ursula.

Although it is also stage managed politics (the ‘great leaders’ step in to ‘clinch the deal’), ultimately the negotiators can only work within the framework they have been given by their political paymasters, so at some point the politicians have to get together to thrash out the real red lines when the negotiators have gone as far as they can.

I’m still cynical. Great article in the FT about how no deal could be the success outcome. (because of the negative connotation of the word ‘no’ , no deal is seen as a negative but in international negotiations it can often be the preferred outcome from the start, with the participants wanting to go through to the process without a deal at the end)

Hope Boris’s briefing for this make or break dinner with UVdL says:

  • don’t get pissed
  • don’t give all our red lines away in the hope of getting a legover

I thought I was sick of hearing about Covid.
Then they start bleating on about this Brexit shit.



They needed a new aint-it-awful story to run for the next three years but couldnt find one.


why would it be that?

a bunch of self-important, mediocre bureaucrats…

Surely that was kind of Sloggers point, that we’ve not yet evolved to the point where we elect people who are competent.

Point of order though…the issue and failure here is with politicians, not bureaucrats… (a term that has become derogatory in recent years, but shouldn’t be)

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